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Jul 09, 2020
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Rajaa Al-Halabi, Head Of Hamas Women's Movement: We Are Destined To Do Allah's Will, Finish Off The Treacherous Jews; Palestine Will Be Their Graveyard

#8150 | 01:42
Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)

Rajaa Al-Halabi, head of the Hamas Women's Movement, said at a rally in Gaza, that aired on July 9, 2020 on Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas – Gaza) that Allah will punish the Jews, whom she described as treacherous slayers of prophets. She said that the Palestinians' conflict against the Israelites and the Zionist enemy is a conflict of faith, and that this enemy has no place in Palestine. She added that the Palestinians are destined to do Allah's will by finishing off the Israelites and that Allah has brought the Jews to Palestine so that it can become their graveyard.

Rajaa Al-Halabi: "Indeed, these are the Israelites. These are the Jews. They are the ones who slayed the prophets, the ones who acted treacherously and violated [sanctities].


"Indeed, my dear sisters, our conflict with the Zionist enemy is a matter of faith, not of borders. Needless to say, we will not make do with what we have here. We will not make do with partitioning the land and taking only a part of it. This land will be ours in its entirety, Allah willing, because our conflict with the Zionist enemy is an existential conflict, not a conflict about borders. This enemy, who came from all corners of the world, has no place here, but this is what Allah wanted for them... This is our fate, my beloved sisters – to be Allah's hand on Earth, the hand that will finish off the Israelites, this Zionist enemy, Allah willing. Allah brought them here in droves, so that Palestine becomes their graveyard, Allah willing."

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