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May 06, 2020
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Rabbi Dovid Weiss of Neturei Karta to a Hamas-Affiliated Outlet: There can Be No Normalization with the Criminal Zionist Entity; Zionists Use the Ploy of Holocaust Remembrance to Garner Support for Their Narrative

#7981 | 01:46
Source: The Internet - "Shehab News Agency (Hamas)"

Rabbi Dovid Weiss of the anti-Zionist Jewish organization Neturei Karta said in a May 6, 2020 interview with the Shehab News Agency (Hamas) that the Zionists exploit the suffering of the Jews in the Holocaust to guilt the world and establish the narrative that they are the victims and that the Palestinians colluded with the Nazis. He said that this is "vile and repugnant" because it is a well-known fact that the Zionists are the ones that colluded with the Nazis. Rabbi Weiss said: "There cannot be normalization with a criminal entity."

Rabbi Dovid Weiss: "Now, we have to remember that the Zionists, although they are criminals... [Israel] is a criminal entity and it is unacceptable, but they are not inefficient. Unfortunately, they walk around the world and they use very strong ploys. They use the remembrance of what the Jews suffered – that my grandparents died in Auschwitz, that the Jews suffered and were killed in Europe... They use this guilt issue, and that people feel guilty that they didn't help the Jews and were silent... They use the fact that the Jews have suffered so much – sympathy for Jewish suffering – and they, therefore, buy the narrative.


"No, there cannot be normalization with a criminal entity. They are taking the victims – the people of Palestine, the Arabs and the Jews...


"They are trying to tell the world that the Jews suffered and that therefore, the Jews are being victimized, because the Palestinians are like the Nazis or colluded with the Nazis, and therefore, the Jewish people are the victims here. Now this is vile and repugnant because, in truth, the Zionists – as everybody knows the history – colluded and worked together with the Nazis."

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