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Aug 05, 2019
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"Pirates of the Queen" Cartoon Exhibit in Tehran Depicts Queen Elizabeth as a "Petrol-Swallowing Queen" Against Backdrop of British Seizure of Iranian Oil Tanker

#7409 | 02:23
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)

On August 5, 2019, IRINN TV (Iran) aired a report about an anti-British cartoon exhibit at the Osveh Art and Cultural Center in Tehran. The exhibit, which was titled "Pirates of the Queen" and which was organized by the Cultural Foundation of the Narrative of Triumph, showed 40 cartoons and caricatures by 14 Iranian artists depicting the English government's "piracy" against the Iranian oil tanker it seized in Gibraltar on July 4, 2019. The exhibit was attended by high-level Iranian military officials, and Iranian armed forces spokesman General Abolfazl Shekarchi said that the exhibit shows the "essence" of England's "humiliation" in recent events. Shahram Shirzadi, one of the artists, said that one of the goals of the exhibit was to attract young people. Another artist, Alireza Zakeri, said that he depicted the Queen of England thirstily drinking Iranian oil as a "petrol-swallowing queen." The caricatures also included images of Queen Elizabeth and a British foxhound interacting with U.S. President Donald Trump, and some images suggested a relationship between England and the Jews.

Reporter: "The 'Pirates of the Queen' exhibit, which was organized by the Cultural Foundation of the Narrative of Triumph, is currently being held at the Osveh Art and Cultural Center. The exhibit includes 40 cartoons and caricatures that were made by 14 experts and committed artists. It deals with the English government's villainous piracy against the Iranian tanker."


Abolfazl Shekarchi: "The essence of the English enemy's humiliation in the recent events – and the glory of the fighters of the resistance front – can be clearly seen in this exhibit."

Reporter: "This exhibit aims to present the truth about England's piracy by means of the international language of caricature. It is titled: 'Pirates of the Queen.' Art is one of the vital tools in imparting concepts upon society. Through art, the committed and revolutionary artist can express his revolutionary positions towards his art, as well as his commitment."


Shahram Shirzadi: "In this exhibit, we did things so that caricaturists – and young people in particular – would come here, and so that they would become acquainted with these works."

Reporter: "The recent measures taken by the English government, which hijacked the Islamic Republic of Iran's tanker [in Gibraltar on July 4], have led the revolutionary artists to take action and, through the art of caricature, to express their protest against the British government."

Alireza Zakeri: "I have three caricatures in this exhibit. I have depicted the Queen of England eagerly pouring Iran's oil into her cup and drinking oil as a petrol-swallowing queen. In fact, for 70 years, since 1950 and since the movement for the nationalization of oil, the English have been prevented from plundering Iran's oil. Seventy years later, they have become adventurous, and they once again want to taste the flavor of our oil."

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