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Dec 03, 2023
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Qatari TV Channel Reports From Onboard The Hijacked Galaxy Leader – A Commercial Ship Seized By Yemeni-Houthis: Any Ship That Is Linked To The Israelis Will Be Seized And Towed To Shore

#10707 | 01:54
Source: Al-Araby TV (Qatar)

Al-Araby TV, a Qatari channeled aired on December 3, 2023 a report from onboard the hijacked Galaxy Leader, a commercial ship seized by the Yemeni Houthi Ansar Allah, who claimed that it was an Israeli ship. Houthi governor of Hodeidah Muhammad Ayash Qahim said that any Israeli ship or ships that are linked to Israeli will be seized and towed to shore. The report shows Yemenis from different governorates "flocking" to the ship to take souvenir photos and celebrate.

Reporter: "We are now onboard the Galaxy Leader, which was seized by the Houthi Ansar Allah group, on November 19. The ship was towed, along its crew, to the Yemeni shore of the Red Sea, in response to the Israeli aggression against Gaza, according to this group.

"The Israeli ship Galaxy Leader ended up in an unexpected anchorage, near the shores of the city of Hodeidah in western Yemen. The ship and its crew are detained, until the Israeli aggression against Gaza stops. This fate awaits any Israeli ship, or any ship connected, directly or indirectly, to the Israeli occupation, according to the Houthi Ansar Allah group."

Muhammad Ayash Qahim: "Any ship that deals with the Israelis, belongs to them, or is owned by them, will be seized and towed to the shore. We are lying in wait for them. We are prepared. Now the fighting has started (again). When the hudna ended for the Palestinians, it ended for us as well."


Reporter: "Yemenis from different governorates flock to the ship, to take souvenir photos and celebrate onboard. Seizing a ship of this size is a major victory for them, and observers see it as a natural response to the crimes of the Israeli occupation in Gaza. Khalil Al-Qaheri, Al-Araby TV, Hodeidah."

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