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Aug 06, 2021
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Pro-ISIS Video Envisions Life Under The Islamic Caliphate – Only through Jihad Can The Current Muslim Regimes Be Toppled And This Utopia Achieved

#9016 | 07:04
Source: Online Platforms - "Telegram"

The following report is now a complimentary offering from MEMRI's Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM). For JTTM subscription information, click here.

A pro-Islamic State (ISIS) outlet released a 6-minute video in Arabic with English subtitles, titled "The True Muslims' Life," envisioning a utopian Muslim world in which borders are erased and all Muslims live under a flourishing caliphate which enforces shari'a. The video blamed the "Crusaders" and the "apostate states" in the Muslim world for spreading Western morals and stunting the economic and cultural progress of the Muslim world. It argued that that  these regimes be toppled only through jihad, and only then can this utopia achieved. Interestingly, the video envisioned Jerusalem as the future capital of the caliphate, a Hizb ut-Tahrir idea which ISIS has never endorsed.

Narrator: "The true Muslim life[.] The life that God Almighty wanted us to achieve! Imagine that you are traveling from Morocco to India or from the Caucasus to South Africa or Malaysia... Without a passport or entry visa, which hindered travel and shattered hearts financially, morally, and without nationality... barbed wire, the silly pieces of cloth, and the damned Devil border[.] And living wherever you wants in any land of Islam, marries from any Islamic area and seeks a livelihood[.] So Do not fear for yourself, your honor, or your money, because the whole nation is secure and feels good[.] Do not be held back by suspicions or prohibitions, because the religious law is in place and you do not need commercial currencies[.] Because the gold dinar and the silver dirham are the same currency everywhere and your only nationality is that you are a Muslim[.]

"Like you, everyone is without exception[.] If you get into trouble, other Muslims will be like one body with you wherever you are..[.] You will not feel that you are a stranger from home while you are traveling, because all the lands of the nations are your homes[.] For example, you will seek knowledge in Bukhara, memorize the Qur'an in the Hijaz, and your holidays in Iraq[.] And continues your university studies in Samarkand and gets her Phd from Kairouan[.] And try cruises the sea in Algeria and learn about weapons and fighting in Sinai or Palestine[.] And earns money from all lands of the nation and participates in many projects in Sudan and sinigal [Senegal.]

"Your first wife is from the Levant, the second is from Egypt, the third is from Chechnya, and the fourth is from Turkestan[.] You will hear the call of jihad every day and participate in the conquests of western China [o]r eastern Europe, southern Russia, or America, and if you killed and take shahadah paradise will be yours[.] And if you win victory, and the spoil and the right owned[.] You will pray Fajr in Palestine[.] They you eat your food, pray Zuhr in the Levant and give a lecture in Jordan[.] You sleep in free hotels because it is an endowment for God and it[']s available in all the Muslim lands[.]

"Your son learns here and there free of charge because the endowments facilitated everything[.] Your wives practice education medicine, or any other job without the problems of gender mixing[.] Traveling and showing off, and no one live in ego or wronged you because the courts are everywhere[.] You can advise the ruler and the ruled one[.] No one will deter you or prevent you and you will work with all love and sincerity for your country and your nation because it is governed by Allah's law[.] There is no tax, but zakat only and no one force you to serve anyone [b]ecause you loved it for the sake of God and not the ruler and the people[.] You will live in stable security, poverty will end and begging will not be allowed [b]ecause the house of the money guarantees the poor, and every land that the authority of the Muslim[']s sultan reaches will be good and happy[.]

"Poverty will disappear[.] 'Zakat is taken from the rich and returned to the poor. The crime ends with no robbery, robbery murder, fornication, or homosexuality[.] No prostitutes, no alcohol, no harm, no injustice, or corruption in the land that the ruling is good for[.] The whole nation will be filled with universities, schools and Islamic institutes [i]n various disciplines without gender mixing or transgressions, it will open the role of wisdom and knowledge[.] Libraries flourish in literature and countless works and live on the pinnacle of scholarly sophistication[, a]nd the civilized and moral that no civilization can compete with[.]

"Scientists will be born from the good-nurturing schools with laboratories and laboratories available[.] With the preparation of the entire scientific development, it is the life that God almighty willed[.] To achieve it a life that you will never see in the tyrant states that rules us today[.] The failed apostate states have prevented all the good of the Muslims... they killed the believers[.] The impoverishment of Muslim youth has poisoned all aspects of life with the plague of secularism and the whims of monkeys and pigs[.] It disrupted the talents of scholars and disrupted their knowledge and renaissance and forced them emigrate[.]

"The Crusaders to [sic] provide them with what they need and benefit in their experiences, so it progresses more and the Muslims delay[.] In the life that God Almighty wanted us to achieve, the world will witness development in all the arts[.] The Islamic nation will be a destination for sciences and scholars, and it will bless humanity with idealism and perfectionism[, which] is promoted in the Universities of Baghdad, Samarra, Andalusia, Damascus, Aleppo and Kufa[,] Basra, Khwarazm, Bukhara, Tangier, Cairo, Kairouan, Bejaia, Tlemcen, Carthage and Dakar and many others[.]

"[E]ven animal rights will be observed in the homes of Muslims in the smallest detail. We must restore that life that was absent from us. We must destroy all idols, for they are close, God willing[.] The day will come when the Muslim will walk a dignified and honorable master[.] Head held high is a reinforcer that no one dares to touch or badly touches him[.] Because the law exists everywhere and armies subdue and end injustice[,] [c]orruption and disbelief are rooted, so blessed is he who lived that life or died a martyr for the sake of God [i]n order to reach that life[.] The life that God Almighty wanted us to achieve[.] There is no victor but God[.]"

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