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Dec 16, 2012
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Pro-Assad Syrian Commentator Taleb Ibrahim Calls Opponent "Ape" and Says: "My Shoe and My Urine Are More Dignified than You"

#3679 | 02:48
Source: Al-Jadeed TV (Lebanon)Online Platforms

Following are excerpts from a debate between Syrian commentator Taleb Ibrahim and Lebanese MP Khaled Al-Dhaher, which aired on Al-Jadeed/New TV and posted on the Internet on December 16, 2012:

Taleb Ibrahim: Terrorist crimes are being committed in Syria. These crimes have been denounced by the UN Security Council. Very large terrorist bombings are being carried out in Syria. What is going on is a war against the Syrian state and army. What is driving the people out of their cities? The terrorism. The terrorist gangs, Jabhat Al-Nusra, and the so-called FSA…

Khaled Al-Dhaher: It’s your planes...

Taleb Ibrahim: Make no mistake, we will strike this terrorism everywhere. All the cities of the world put together are not as precious as a single drop of blood of a Syrian child.

Khaled Al-Dhaher: The artillery and planes of the terrorist [regime] are bombing cities…

Taleb Ibrahim: Shut up! George, we don’t want the discussion to be like this.

Khaled Al-Dhaher: You shut up! You have no manners.

Taleb Ibrahim: Shut up, you ape! Shut up, you Salafi terrorist! My shoe and my urine are more dignified than you.

Khaled Al-Dhaher: Had I known they would be bringing a shabih like you, I wouldn’t have come.

Moderator: Please, Khaled… I beg you…

Taleb Ibrahim: You are vermin. You are a prehistoric beast – you and the movement you represent…

Moderator: Please, I beg you…

Taleb Ibrahim: Yours is a movement of apes and pigs, collaborators, and mercenaries.

Khaled Al-Dhaher: You and your regime are going down the drain.

Moderator: Gentlemen, let’s calm down.

Khaled Al-Dhaher: But George, he has no manners. Couldn’t you invite someone with manners?

Moderator: I beg you…

Taleb Ibrahim: You should make this dog shut up.

Moderator: Let me express my reservations about everything that’s being said here.

Khaled Al-Dhaher: Animals like you…

Taleb Ibrahim: This man does nothing but…

Moderator: Let us take a break…

Khaled Al-Dhaher: You are the regime of terrorism…

p>Taleb Ibrahim: Who killed the children of Syria?! You people should shut up and be ashamed of yourselves.

Moderator: Mr. Rashad, let’s turn again to you, in our studio here...

Khaled Al-Dhaher: People like you…

Taleb Ibrahim: People like me don’t kill. We defend our people. Shut up! Shut up!

Khaled Al-Dhaher: You are heading to the garbage bin of history!

Taleb Ibrahim: Shut up!

Khaled Al-Dhaher: You and your regime…

Moderator: If you please… I would like to end the show without all these curses…

Taleb Ibrahim: We will trample on your head and the head of Al-Hariri. We will crush you like cockroaches. Who the hell do you think you are?!


Khaled Al-Dhaher: Go to hell. You don’t have a clue.

Taleb Ibrahim: I spit on you and your people. You will be crushed. You destroyed Bashar Al-Assad. He is dumb, but you are even dumber.


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