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Jul 05, 2021
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Poem Recited At Fatah Ceremony Honoring 'Martyr' Muhammad Hamid Addresses Israelis: 'You Are An Illusion That Will Dissipate,' References Hadith About Muslims Killing The Jews On Judgement Day

#8964 | 01:05
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

The host of a Fatah ceremony honoring the "Martyr" Muhammad Hamid recited a poem claiming Palestinians are experiencing a "momentary weakness," while the Israelis are an "illusion that will dissipate." The ceremony was aired on Palestine TV on July 5, 2021. The poem says: "I am Palestine, and who are you?" It continues to claim that the Israelis are the Falasha (Ethiopian Jews) and sons of Natashas (presumably meaning Russian Jews). It asks: "How can those who were burned burn (others)?" Furthermore, the poem suggests that Israelis ask their rabbis about the gharqad trees they will plant, alluding to the hadith depicting the Muslims killing the Jews on Judgment Day.

MC at Fatah ceremony: "I am Palestine, and who are you? You are the Falasha [Ethiopian Jews] and the sons of Natashas. You are the Balfour Declaration. You are the victims of the ovens. How can those who were burned burn [others]? How can those who were robbed rob [others]? You are just a shattered myth, a premeditated scheme. You are an illusion that will dissipate, and I am momentary weakness that will pass. Ask your rabbis in your synagogues about what I am telling you, and they will tell you about the gharqad trees that you will plant in your fields. This is what the Prophet Muhammad said, and the truest words are those spoken by him."

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