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Apr 13, 2023
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Palestinian Islamic Jihad's Leader In Lebanon Mahfouz Munawwar: Iran Is A Partner In Every Rocket And Bullet Fired By The Resistance; Everything We Have Was Produced In Iran Or With Iranian Support, Funding

#10245 | 01:00

Mahfouz Munawwar, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad's leader in Lebanon, said in an April 13, 2023 show on Al-Sahat TV (Yemen/Lebanon) that everything that the Palestinian resistance has was produced in Iran or with Iranian support and funding. He elaborated that Iran is a partner in "everything that the resistance achieves" and in every bullet and rocket that it fires.

Mahfouz Munawwar: "The great resistance axis and what it is doing in Palestine are the outcome of the Iranian position.

"I won't be exaggerating by saying that the Islamic Republic of Iran is playing the main role in our current situation.

"It is true that the Palestinian brains have managed to produce [weapons], but these have been developed also in Iran. What we have today — if it was not produced in Iran, it was produced with Iranian support and funding.

"If it was not produced in Iran, it is the product of Iranian expertise and know-how.

"Therefore, today Iran is a partner in everything that the resistance achieves — the shooting of bullets, the firing of rockets, and the great steadfastness in Jerusalem and Palestine in general."

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