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Jun 13, 2018
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Paris-Based Tunisian Philosopher Youssef Seddik: 'Every Muslim Believes' The Entire Earth Must Become Muslim - But 'I Like The American Moderation' And Coexistence - 'Something You Rarely Find In Non-Western Countries'

#6627 | 03:23
Source: Al-Hurra TV (The U.S.)

Paris-based Tunisian philosopher Youssef Seddik, interviewed on Al-Hurra TV on June 13, said that "since the death of the Prophet Muhammad and to this day, our history has been a pack of lies." He discussed the incompatibility of the Quran with modern man-made laws, saying that these laws were rendering the religious texts obsolete. Seddik argued that "every Muslim, whether Sunni or Shiite, believes that Planet Earth in its entirety must become Muslim" and that "this is why Jihad is suitable and effective in every place."

Youssef Seddik: "Since the death of the Prophet Muhammad and to this day, our history has been a pack of lies.


"With regard to the Quran, we must acknowledge that some things are suitable for all times and places, and other things are not. Some things are entirely unsuitable, like the verses that deal with slavery. 'Force not your slave girls into prostitution,' for example. I do not have slave girls. This is obsolete. Time has turned this verse from a ruling into something one merely recites. This is the development of religion. Day by day, man-made laws are rendering the religious texts more obsolete. The sealing of the prophecies means that one must enact legislation for the organization of life.


"The Quran says: 'Let there be no compulsion in religion.' But then came the hadith: 'The Prophet said: I was ordered to fight the people.' This is an ISIS-styled hadith. It talks about 'the people,' not just Qureish or the polytheists – the people in all places and all times.


"The constitution and the law in Tunisia and in other countries state that anyone who beats his wife goes to prison. But the Quran advises you to do it.


"The greatest problem is that every Muslim, whether Sunni or Shiite, believes that Planet Earth in its entirety must become Muslim. Therefore, every Muslim believes – even if only subconsciously, in the Freudian sense – that all the [other] religions are wrong, and that the pinnacle of all religions is conversion to Islam. That is why ISIS believes that America must become Muslim, as well as Laos, Vietnam, South Africa... They must all become Muslim. That is why jihad is suitable and effective in every place – in Orlando, in Switzerland, in Nice, in France, everywhere. I believe that this ideological zeal lies within every Muslim – the belief that the best religion is the religion of Allah."


Host: "But one might argue that this applies only to the extremists, whereas the rest of the Muslims accept dissent."

Youssef Seddik: "No, the rest of the Muslims believe in the erroneous interpretation of the verse 'religion with Allah is Islam.'


"I like the American moderation and their belief that every person is an individual, and may follow whichever religion he likes – he can be an Amish, a Muslim, a Buddhist, or whatever. They all coexist, and this is something you rarely find in non-Western countries."

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