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Jun 26, 2023
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On Chinese TV, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas Calls On China To Mediate Between Palestinians And Israel, Adds: U.S. Keeps Blocking The Two-State Solution; We Unconditionally Support Chinese Unification

#10356 | 02:31

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said in a June 26, 2023 interview with CGTN Network (China) that he hopes that China will play a role in the "reconciliation" between Israel and the Palestinians. He said that he hopes that Israel would agree to such mediation because China, unlike other countries, does not have any vested interests or goals in the region, and it only wants peace in the Middle East and the world. Abbas also said that America has blocked the two-state solution, and that the Palestinians "unconditionally" support the unification of all of China's land.

Mahmoud Abbas: "Since China is an honest country, I hope it plays a role in reconciliation between Israel and us. I am declaring right now that we are extending our hand [in peace], and we welcome – with all our love – China investing its efforts [in a solution]. We hope that Israel agrees to the Chinese mediation, because China does not have vested goals and interests. Its only interest is to see peace spreading in the Middle East and the world. You do not see this in many countries, and you know who [I am talking about].


"The truth is that it is America that blocks the two-state solution. If America had agreed to the two-state solution, things would have advanced significantly.


"To this point, the U.S. does not believe in a solution for the Palestinian people, and therefore, does not exert any pressure, or invest any commendable efforts [to make] Israel accept this. But we are waiting patiently. We are willing to be patient, and persevere on our land, because the day will come when the U.S. accepts the two-state solution, and accepts our existence, like it did in South Africa.


"We unconditionally support the unification of all of China’s land –Taiwan but not just Taiwan – all [the lands] from a long time ago. We support China's right to unify its country. It has the right to have all the Chinese lands – and Taiwan first and foremost – as one unit. This is our position. We categorically do not agree with China's rivals. We oppose them unconditionally."

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