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Aug 28, 2004
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Palestinian Politician Abd Al-Qader Yassin: Contemporary Jews Are of Khazar Origin

#240 | 02:36
Source: Mehwar TV (Egypt)

The following are excerpts from an interview with Palestinian politician Abd Al-Qader Yassin:

Palestinian Politician 'Abd Al-Qader Yassin on Antisemitism

Yassin: Scientifically speaking, the concept of antisemitism is a mistake, because contemporary Jews originated from the Khazar state, on the Caspian Sea, and they have no connection to Semitism. Like our late teacher, Dr. Jamal Hamdan, used to say, the Jews left the Arabian Peninsula. They were Semites - this is true. They left (Arabia) and went, counter clockwise, to Iraq and from there they came to Palestine. There are today Jewish, Israeli, and Zionist scientists, such as Ze'ev Herzog, as well as the Israeli Antiquities Authority, who say that the Jews never set foot on the land of Palestine. And this is a governmental archeological authority. It doesn't matter, this is not the issue.

In 70 CE, the Romans came and annihilated the Jews, to the last one. None survived. Around 740 CE, the Khazar king, whose kingdom was located near the Caspian Sea… He ruled during the time of Harun Al-Rashid. This king was trying to decide which religion to adopt. The Christian Byzantine state was on one side and the Muslim Abbasid state on the other. One of his advisors was a Jew. Another advisor told him, "Summon clerics of the three religions." He brought a priest and the Jew asked him, "What do you think about Moses and Judaism?" He answered, "Moses is a prophet of God and Judaism is a true religion." The Jew said, "Okay, what about the Messiah?" The priest said, "He is the Word of God and The son of Mary." The Jew said, "You don't know the basic principles of your own religion." Afterwards, they summoned a Muslim cleric, but the Jew sent someone to poison him on his way. He murdered him and so he didn’t make it. This is how the Khazar king converted to Judaism and with him the whole country. Judaism became the official state religion after the king, nobility, and military command converted to Judaism.

Interviewer: The people go according to the king's religion.

Yassin: Yes, the Khazar state survived four centuries after this, and then they (the Jews) were scattered in Eastern Europe and contemporary Jews originate from them. There are Jewish writers, like Arthur Koestler, who confirm that more than 90% of contemporary Jews are Khazar.

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