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Apr 17, 2023
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Palestinian Islamic Jihad Leader Ziyad Nakhalah: Iran Has Paid The Palestinian Resistance Billions Of Dollars – It Pays For Every House Demolished In The West Bank And Every Weapon Used By The Resistance

#10239 | 03:01
Source: Alghadeer TV (Iraq)

Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Ziyad Nakhalah said in an address that was aired on Alghadeer TV (Iraq) on April 17, 2023 that Iran supports the Palestinian "resistance", has paid for every house demolished by Israel in the West Bank, and has provided or paid for every weapon used by the resistance. He said that Hamas alone has received yearly payments of $150 million for the past 30 years and that other factions have also received Iranian funds. Nakhalah said: "We have created deterrence vis-à-vis Israel." He added that the resistance is capable of sending all of Israel into bomb shelters within one hour. In addition, he said that he is convinced that the Zionist enterprise will be destroyed, but that he could not discuss a specific time frame.

Ziyad Nakhalah: "We have managed to create deterrence vis-à-vis Israel. In the past, it was the easiest thing for Israel to launch an aggression against Arab territories — Lebanon, Syria, and Gaza. Israel is still bombing in Syria, but inshallah, things will change soon. I can give you the good news that inshallah, this state off affairs in Syria will not last for long.


"Just imagine, the resistance is capable, within a single hour, of sending all of Israel into bomb shelters. Four or five million Israelis in shelters within a single hour. This has turned the balance of power upside down, with regard to the resistance.


"In Gaza, the Arab countries have made payments officially. However, if Israel demolishes a house in the West Bank today — it is Iran that pays [to rebuild it]. Also the weapons that the Palestinians use for fighting come from Iran — the Iranians either pay for these weapons or provide them. This has been going on for thirty years. If I calculate all the money the Iranians have paid the Palestinians in these 30 years — it's billions of dollars.

"People may find this surprising. Do the math. Billions of dollars. At the same time, the Arab countries have not paid even 100 dollars.


"[Iran gives] $150 million every year to Hamas. Multiply this by 10 years — how much do you get? $1.5 billion. And if you multiply it by 20 years? $3 billion. It's simple math. I'm not inventing anything. And this is only to Hamas.


"We are convinced that the State of Israel will be destroyed. This is a certainty, but we cannot talk about a time frame.


"Some people say 2 years, some say 10, some say 30... [Israel's demise] has become a conviction shared by all of us. We are talking about several million [Israelis] living through the use of force on this land. They are facing hundreds of millions of Arabs. In the past, these several million [Israelis] had weapons that allowed them to fight and attack us. Today, we — the hundreds of millions — are in possession of the weapons that allow us to fight and attack them.


"What we are seeing on the ground gives us the confidence and conviction that we will win, and that the Zionist enterprise will come to an end. The internal conflicts in Israel today are also helping in this respect."

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