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Sep 04, 2014
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Palestinian Islamic Jihad Digs New Tunnels in Gaza

#4478 | 07:18
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

A recent Al-Jazeera TV report took the viewers down into new tunnels dug by the Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, after the Gaza cease-fire. "We are getting these tunnels ready for the next battle, in order to launch attacks and fire mortars and artillery. These tunnels will also have other uses, which we will not disclose," said a masked militant. The report aired on September 4.

Reporter: We are in a tunnel which is being dug by resistance fighters in this border area. As you can see, conditions here are extremely harsh. As you can see, these tunnels are very narrow and not very high, making the conditions very difficult. What is remarkable about this tunnel is that it has been dug recently. As you can see, it is still being dug. Let’s try to shed some light on what is going on at the other end of this tunnel. This is clearly another stage in the preparation of this tunnel. There have been some cave-ins, but the work goes on. We’re trying to go as far as possible down the tunnel.

May Allah bless you, guys.

Worker: You too.

Reporter: Can we get inside?

Worker: Sure, go ahead.

Reporter: How’s it going?

Worker: Fine.

Reporter: What are you guys doing?

Worker: We are now inside one of the tunnels of the Al-Quds Brigades, on which work began the minute the war on Gaza ended, and the cease-fire was declared. We have begun work, and we are continuing it, regardless of the threats by the Zionist enemy.

Reporter: So despite the war, the Israeli raids, the heavy shelling in this border area, and the scorched earth policy, you seem to be continuing the work.

Worker: Yes, we are. We will not be hindered by the threats of the enemy, or by the ban on importing cement and other building materials.

Reporter: It is well known that this area is on the border. What is the purpose of these tunnels?

Worker: We are getting these tunnels ready for the next battle, in order to launch attacks and fire mortars and artillery. These tunnels will also have other uses, which we will not disclose.

Reporter: It is clear – at least from what we have just heard – that the Palestinian fighters are preparing for the (battle) to come. This will give you an idea of what the near future will have in store in the Gaza Strip, especially if the conditions and demands of the Palestinian resistance are not met. We have moved on to another tunnel in tis border area. It is clearly in better condition than the previous one we were in, and it is clear, from what we have been told, that it is an attack tunnel, used to repel attacks by Israeli armoured vehicles and tanks, in the event that they infiltrate this area. Obviously, it is very hard to climb up. Perhaps this is the end of the tunnel. We have reached this place…

Reporter: Hello. What do you do here?

Worker: Blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad and those who follow his path. We are in a forward position right now – a special room for launching anti-tank weapons, especially the Kornet missile. Allah willing, we are awaiting instructions to go out and take on the targets of the enemy.

Reporter: Would it be possible for us to see some anti-aircraft weapons?

Worker: Of course, we’ll take you there now.

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