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Nov 02, 2021
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Palestinian Historian Dr. Ashraf Al-Qasas: The Jews Were 'A Pile Of Garbage'; The Europeans Tried To Get Rid Of Them By Dumping Them On The Arabs

#9171 | 02:02
Source: Alkofiya TV (Palestine)

Palestinian historian and political scientist Dr. Ashraf Al-Qasas said in a November 2, 2021 show on Alkofiya TV (Gaza) that the Europeans wanted to get rid of the Jews by dumping them on the Arabs. He referred to the Jews as "human surplus" and as a "pile of garbage" because they "controlled the economy, media, and politics."

Dr. Ashraf Al-Qasas: "The Zionist leaders presented themselves s the bridge through which Western civilization would cross into the heart of the 'reactionary' and 'barbaric' Arab and Islamic civilization. The Zionist leaders would say to Russia: 'We espouse Russian ideology and civilization, hence, we are your allies.' They also took advantage of the Protestant ideology in Germany, Britain, and America. These countries believe in the doctrines of the Old Testament, and that they should support the Jews for religious reasons. They believe that the Messiah will arrive at the Temple, ushering in a millennium of bliss. Then the Jews will convert to Christianity and the Muslims will be annihilated. This is the American and British Protestant faith.


"The Jews constituted human surplus and could not integrate [into society]. They controlled the economy, media, and politics, and would practice usury. The Jewish religious values were condescending – they were created from the spirit of God, they are God’s beloved children, they are the Chosen People…"

Interviewer: "From this we understand that there was a European policy aimed at getting rid of them..."

Al-Qasas: "Of the Jews. Yes."

Interviewer: "This included the methods that the [Europeans] used as well."

Al-Qasas: "Yes. To use simple words that our viewers understand – the Jews were a pile of garbage that you wanted to get rid of, and you do this by dumping them on the neighbors you hate – the Muslims. This is how Europe wanted to get rid of the Jews, and at the same time, use them to weaken the Islamic world, and prevent its unity."

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