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Feb 07, 2018
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7-Year-Old Palestinian Girl Rouaa Al-Tamimi Recites Poem about Martyrdom on Radio, Then Addresses "Accursed Trump" in Meeting with Education Minister

#6425 | 03:38
Source: The Internet - "Ajyal Radio and Palestinian Education Media on YouTube"

Palestinian girl "poet" Rouaa Al-Tamimi, age 7, appeared on the Ramallah-based Ajyal Radio show on February 7, where she recited a poem about a mother who gives her son a rifle as a reward for finishing his meal. The mother in the poem says: "Jerusalem is ours, Islam is our weapon, and our sons are the ammunition. Therefore, my son, you are a potential martyr." During her radio interview, Al-Tamimi, who lives in the Nabi Salih village near Ramallah, asked to meet Palestinian Education Minister Sabri Saidam. A few days later, she was invited to his office, where she recited a message to "the accursed Trump": "Jerusalem is ours. It has been, it remains, and it will always be our capital." The meeting was posted on the Education Ministry's YouTube channel on February 11.

Radio host: "Who encourages you to recite poetry at home and at school?"

Rouaa Al-Tamimi: "My family and the people at school."

Radio host: "I see also that your father is here with you.


"Rouaa, my dear, you are very talented in reciting poetry, right?"

Rouaa Al-Tamimi: "Right."

Radio host: "What poems do you like to recite?"

Rouaa Al-Tamimi: "Poems about Palestine."


Radio host: "Go ahead, the people can hear and see you."

Rouaa Al-Tamimi: "The child was eating his meal, imagining what present he would get. His mother had promised him a present if he finished his food. He asked her with excitement: 'Is it a toy?' His mother came, carrying the present. He looked at it, and lo and behold, it was a rifle. He shouted from the top of his lungs: 'Mother, what is this? Is this my present?' She pulled him closer, hugged him, and said: 'My son, we were not created to be happy. In my eyes, you are a potential martyr.


"'Jerusalem is ours, Islam is our weapon, and our sons are the ammunition. Therefore, my son, you are a potential martyr.' He went to bed and wept into his pillow, because he was too young to be hearing such things. Doesn't he deserve to live in peace? He succumbed to sleep, and in his dream, he saw his bride, but she was shackled in chains and surrounded by the Jews. She said to him: 'My knight, remove these shackles from me, pull the arrow of treachery out of my body. I am sick and tired of all the condemnations and shouting. I, Jerusalem, say to you: What was taken by force will be regained by force alone."


Sabri Saidam: "Hello. Welcome. Hello, hello, hello. Welcome. Thank you for this lovely visit. Thank you for the great video, which went viral all over the world. You are very enthusiastic. You make Palestine proud. The Al-Tamimi family makes us proud. I think that Israel should tremble before this girl, Rouaa Al-Tamimi."


Rouaa Al-Tamimi: "I am Rouaa Al-Tamimi, one of the children of Palestine, and this is my message to the accursed Trump: Oh Trump, how can you disregard the rights of our people? Have you forgotten that we are a people of giants? Have you forgotten that we are the children of Yasser [Arafat] and [Ahmad] Yassin? I say to you, Trump, and to every hateful Zionist, who claims to have the right to Palestine: Jerusalem is ours. It has been, it remains, and it will always be our capital. We will never allow our Jerusalem to be defiled. Allah willing, Jerusalem will return to us, even if it takes some time."

Sabri Saidam: "Bravo, bravo!"

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