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Jul 10, 2018
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Palestinian Commentator Tawfiq Abu Shomar on PA TV: The Israelis Portray Their Fallen Soldiers as Civilians, Whereas We Portray Our Innocent Children as Fighters

#6671 | 00:55
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Speaking on the official Palestinian Authority TV channel, commentator Tawfiq Abu Shomar said that when an Israeli soldier is killed in battle, he is portrayed as a civilian, with the press talking about his wife and little girl, whereas after a Palestinian child is killed by an Israeli soldier, "we dress him up in military garb and hang a picture of him holding an AK-47." "Look at the great difference between us and them," he said in the interview, which aired on July 10.

Tawfiq Abu Shomar: "When a soldier of theirs is killed on the battlefield, they remove his military uniform and dress him in civilian clothes, and portray him in the press as if he is miserable, and talk about his wife and his little girl... We, on the other hand – when an innocent child goes out in civilian clothes, and he doesn't even have shoes... After a soldier kills him with a bullet to the head, we dress him up in military garb and hang a picture of him holding an AK-47. Look at the great difference between us and them."

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