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Jun 23, 2016
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Palestinian Cleric Imad Hamatu: Muslims Are Not Terrorists; Americans Killed Millions of Indians, Africans, and Japanese; Only 1,284 Killed in the Prophet Muhammad's Raids

#5559 | 02:59
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

In an address broadcast on the Palestinian Authority TV channel on June 23, Palestinian cleric Sheikh Imad Hamatu said that while the Americans had killed 27 million Indians when they entered America, over 40 million Africans whom they carried off to the American colonies, and hundreds and thousands in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the Muslims are not terrorists. "The Prophet Muhammad carried out 27 raids and 38 attacks," said Hamatu, in which "there were only 1,284 casualties," most of whom were from among the Muslim army.

Following are excrpts

Imad Hamatu: What did Hitler say to Stalin in World War II? He said: No problem. A million Germans died in battle over in your country, and a million Russians died over here. What matters is who will have the last laugh. A million... He said the word as casually as can be. A million people... A million of yours and a million of ours. How many Russians were killed in battle? 27 million. Allah Akbar. And the Germans? 5.5 million. Allah Akbar. What is this? These mass murderers do not care about the figures. For them it's good news. 27 million... 5.5 million...

Allah Akbar. What is this crime? God sends all the angels so that one person will convert to Islam. But the criminals of the world do not care about the number of humans [killed]. Brothers, this is a terrifying thing. It is terrifying that millions of human beings... How many people did the world lose in World War I? 11 million. And in World War II? 55 million. How many Indians did the Americans kill when they entered America? Some 27 million. How many Africans did the Americans carry off, only to die at sea? Over 40 million were killed when they reached the American colonies. Who was responsible for Nagasaki and Hiroshima? Hundreds of thousands were killed there. The Muslims are not terrorists. The Muslims are not terrorists. The Muslims deliver mercy to the people.


Dr. Muhammad Imara published a very important study on the number of raids and of attacks carried out by the Prophet Muhammad, and the number killed in them. What were the findings of the study? It found that the Prophet Muhammad had carried out 27 raids and 38 attacks. In other words, the Prophet Muhammad carried out over 60 raids and attacks. How many people were killed in them? There were 1,284 casualties. In all the raids of the Prophet Muhammad and all his battles - how many were killed? Only 1,284. This included 1,000 Muslims and 284 of their enemies. Allah Akbar.


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