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Oct 28, 2020
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Pakistani Journalist Mian Haseeb Madni Pledges 50 Million Rupees As Reward To Anyone Who Beheads French President Macron

#8450 | 01:29
Source: Online Platforms - "Madni on Facebook"

On October 28, 2020, Pakistani journalist Mian Haseeb Madni posted a video on his Facebook account in which he pledged 50 million rupees as a reward for anyone who beheads French President Emmanuel Macron. He called upon Macron to stop his Islamophobic and "despicable" tactics and to apologize for them. Madni warned: "Otherwise, God willing, some Muslim will rise and separate your head from your body [in accordance with the Islamic] punishment for a slanderer of the Prophet."

Mian Haseeb Madni: "[From the city of] Gujranwala, I send the following message to the President of France: You dog! You bastard! Control your tongue! Ponder over your act, reject it, and apologize for it. Otherwise, inshallah, some Muslim will rise and separate your head from your body. This is because according to our faith, the punishment for a slanderer of the Prophet is to have his head chopped off from his body. [Macron,] you are still alive, but just wait until a Muslim reaches you and, inshallah, chops off your head from your body. As a Muslim and as a true lover of the Prophet, I am warning you to stop these despicable tactics and actions as well as the Islamophobia that you are engaged in. Otherwise, you shall reach your termination. On behalf of the Gujranwala journalistic community and myself, I am announcing that whoever chops off the head of the accursed French president... We shall be this person's lifelong servants, inshallah, and we will give him 50 million rupees as [a reward] from us in Gujranwala."

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