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Mar 10, 2010
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PA TV Commemorates Female Terrorist Dalal Al-Mughrabi; Al-Mughrabi's Sister: Dalal Is a Source of Pride for Palestinian Women

#2417 | 02:44
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Following are excerpts from a program aired on PA TV, in which Palestinian terrorist Dalal Al-Mughrabi was commemorated. The program aired on March 11, 2010.

Anchorwoman: Today, we are commemorating the martyrdom of Dalal Mughrabi. What would you like to say on this day?

Dalal Al-Mughrabi’s sister, Rashida: This is a day of pride and glory for our Palestinian people, and a painful day for the Zionists, who consider it a bloody day.

Dalal Al-Mughrabi’s legacy: "I have undertaken a pledge to ignite the revolution, and to accomplish the goals of my people. I set out on the path by pledging to Allah, to the homeland, and the martyrs that I would be as steadfast as could be, on this path, which is full of thorns, obstacles, and death. I will continue along this path no matter how much effort, sacrifice, and blood it costs me.

I will not hesitate or back down – as God is my witness. My legacy to you all, my weapon-bearing brothers, is to freeze all secondary clashes and to escalate our primary clash with the Zionist enemy. Aim your guns – all your guns – at the Zionist enemy. The independence of Palestinian decision-making is guarded by the weapons of the revolutionaries.

Have the courage to continue the struggle, all my brothers, wherever you may be. Continue along the path we follow. My comrades, when a fighter makes a sacrifice, he does not care whether he witnesses the moment of victory himself. I will witness it through the eyes of my comrades. Continue, protect this legacy, liberate our occupied homeland in its entirety, and do not compromise on a single inch of Arab land. Do not recognize the Zionist enemy, until all our national land is liberated."


Rashida: Dalal is a source of pride for Palestinian women. We have the right to commemorate her. The Israelis are demanding that we refrain from commemorating Dalal. There are many high-school students and members of the Fatah youth movement who insist upon commemorating Dalal today. They will gather today at 1 pm at the square to be named after Dalal. God willing, we will see you there, in order to show our pride in our fighting Palestinian women and in Dalal Mughrabi.


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