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Aug 18, 2014
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One-Man Demonstration in Gaza: Instead of Going to Qatar, Hamas Leaders Should Come to Die Here

#4434 | 02:03
Source: Online Platforms

A man protesting with his children in Gaza demanded that the Hamas negotiators leave Egypt and not go to Qatar or Lebanon, but come to Gaza, "the home of glory and honor," to "die here." The clip aired on the Internet on August 19, 2014.

Man: "I'm here today to convey my protest. As you can see, I'm here with my kids, and we would like to convey a message to the negotiators in Cairo: Do not lower our demands to a minimum. I believe that this is an attempt to curb the resistance, and that we have achieved nothing yet.


"I also have a message to the men of the resistance, and first and foremost to Muhammad Deif. We all heard his [televised] address and rallied around him, insisting that our full demands be met. Everyone was willing to die after hearing this address. My kids and I are ready to die. Any decision to extend the tahdia [lull] will be detrimental to the resistance. We will not allow such a thing. I hope that the whole world hears my message. The negotiators should leave Egypt. If the negotiators truly believe that Gaza is the home of honor and glory, they should not go to Qatar or Lebanon, but should come to the home of glory and honor, and die here. They gave us a whole song and dance about death being "our loftiest aspiration," so they should come and die here. The liberation of Palestine does not depend solely upon us.

"This is the message we want to convey to them: Stop turning us into a laughingstock. The blood that was shed has not even dried yet, and the wounded have not healed. You are selling our struggle for cheap. What have you done to us?! People are not ready to say this yet, but my kids and I are ready to die in order to convey this message. I ask all the officials to make my voice heard by those people. Palestine has always made sacrifices. It has always been the spearhead of the Arab and Islamic nation. It is high time that they sober up from their drunkenness."

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