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Mar 15, 2024
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Friday Sermon By Ohio Attorney Shayan Parsai: The Pier Biden Is Building Is Not For Delivering Aid To Gaza, But To Extract Natural Gas From The Sea – We Won't Vote For Him

#10977 | 02:22
Source: Online Platforms - "Usuli Institute on YouTube"

In a March 15, 2024 Friday sermon at the Usuli Institute, Ohio immigration attorney Shayan Parsai said that the Muslim community in America will not vote for Joe Biden. He said that the pier Biden has announced will be built on the shore of the Gaza Strip is not intended for delivering aid into Gaza, but to extract natural gas from the sea. Parsai added that the "Israel lobby" pays millions of dollars to American politicians and entertainers in order to cover up their stealing of Palestinian land and wealth. The sermon was streamed live on the YouTube channel of the Usuli Institute. The Institute of Advanced Usuli Studies ("The Usuli Institute") was founded by UCLA professor of Law Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl.

Shayan Parsai: "Look at the Israeli lobby in this country. Millions and millions of dollars have gone towards buying politicians, entertainers, and all of the like, in order to provide them cover to steal the wealth and the land of the Palestinians.


"We have been talking for years about how to defeat the Israeli lobby, and not a lot has been done. We have spent years talking about... [saying], what we need to do is to get on Capitol Hill and we need to duke it out, and we need to give Chuck Schumer more money than the Israeli lobby does, and that will start to turn things. Maybe that is possible, I don't know. I don't feel very hopeful about it these days, maybe I did before the seventh [of October].


"[Politicians] do not have your values, they will not represent you. They will pretend to represent you, because that is the constitutional shield, which they hide behind. Ultimately, they really don't care about who is going to get them elected, and who is going to fill their pockets. It's not that difficult. Our community needs to build human beings to replace them [sic] with the robots that are on Capitol Hill.


"We have mostly agreed that this year, we are not voting for Joe Biden, even if he calls for a ceasefire, even if he calls for Netanyahu to be unseated. It doesn't matter. These are all shows. They thoroughly allowed for this.

"Let's be clear, that port that he said he is going to build in order to bring aid in [to Gaza] – is not a port for aid. It is a port to be able to extract the natural gas that is in the waters that it surrounds. Wake up. We are not voting for Biden."

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