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Nov 24, 2023
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North Carolina Islamic Scholar Dr. Hisham Sarsour: The Resistance Posted Videos Of Their Achievements On October 7, While The Zionists Spread Lies; Hamas Killed And Captured Soldiers, Israeli Civilians Were Killed By Israeli Fire

#10689 | 02:49
Source: Online Platforms - "Islamic Association of Raleigh on YouTube"

North Carolina Islamic scholar Dr. Hisham Sarsour said in a November 24, 2023 lecture at the Islamic Association of Raleigh which was streamed live on its YouTube channel that the bulk of Israeli civilians killed on October 7 were killed by Israeli fire. He said that the "resistance" posted videos of their achievements on day one, while the Zionists were spreading lies that they killed civilians, babies, and "did this to women." Sarsour said that Hamas only killed soldiers and took them hostage, that houses in the "colonial settlements" in the Gaza Envelope were burned by civilians from Gaza who came to take booty, and that most of the Israeli civilians were killed by Israeli air and tank fire. He said that it is "most logical" that 800-900 Israeli soldiers were killed and taken hostage, and only 200 civilians.

Dr. Hisham Sarsour: "We said that the resistance from day one, out those videos that showed their achievements, and now we know that the Zionists – from day one – started spreading those lies... It now comes clearly from the Haaretz newspaper, which turned their heads, and they became so upset with this newspaper for saying that many of those Israeli civilians in the colonial settlements around Gaza were killed by Israeli fire. Basically there were helicopters in the air, shooting.


"Those planes and tank shells hit people and hit homes and it was tragic for the Zionists, no doubt, in this regard. But the lie until this week was that [Hamas] killed civilians, they killed civilians, they killed civilians, they killed babies, they did this to women, and all of it is basically lies.

"Yes, when the resistance finished their job and killed those soldiers, they did go back to Gaza with whoever they got with them. Some of the people of Gaza, civilians, when they saw the doors open, they went to the those colonial settlements and tried to look for some booty to take, and those people ended up burning some of the houses, that some of the families...


"They burned some of the houses and some of the people were killed, but the bulk of civilians who were killed were killed by the Zionists themselves.


"It sounds much more logical that 800-900 soldiers were either killed or taken hostage, and 200 civilians were killed mostly by Israeli fire.


"The U.S. has been talking about a two-state solution, and this has been – to tell you the truth – a drug, that the Palestinian Authority has drugged the Islamic nation with.


"The stances of the Emirati and Saudi governments are the worst. No doubt about it. They are conspiring with the Zionists against Hamas."

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