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Oct 01, 2019
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Al-Arabiya TV Report: Women’s Soccer League Formed in Sudan Following Rise of New Government

#7556 | 01:38
Source: Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

On October 1, 2019, Al-Arabiya TV (Dubai/Saudi Arabia) aired a report about a women’s soccer league that was recently formed in Sudan following the rise of a new government. The anchor said that the players in the league continue to play despite having faced harassment. The report showed the players’ mothers supporting them at their games and said that the women feel free in their jerseys.

Following are excerpts:


Reporter: They have been subjected to harassment – some at home and in their neighborhood, and others in the streets and at the universities. But they insisted on playing and forming professional teams in order to take part in a long-awaited dream. After many challenges posed by the previous government, the whistle was blown to announce the beginning of the Sudanese women’s league in a match between the Al-Tahaddi and Al-Difa’ teams. The most important thing was the support of the families, and especially the mothers, who came to see their daughters’ match.

Mother: I have come here to provide [my daughter with] moral support, and I hope that all the spectators and the entire public will support them.

Reporter: The players looked enthusiastic, having been released from shackles that society had imposed on them, especially with regard to their outfits and general appearance. They see this as a product of the new secular government.

Soccer player:  We now play freely and calmly, just as soccer should be played. This is the outfit that women should play in. We can say that we see there is a secular [government] now…




Reporter: This scene will spread to other provinces in order to create a new status for female athletes in Sudan.

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