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May 09, 2004
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Muslim Leaders in Europe Against Using Mosques for Extremist Activities

#63 | 02:09
Source: Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

May 9, 2004 Al-Arabiya TV (Dubai)

Dr. Fuwad Al-'Alawi, Secretary General of the French Islamic Organizations Association and Dr. Zaki Al-Badawi, President of the London Islamic College, appeared on Al-Arabiya TV and called on European Muslims to prevent extremists from using the mosques for their extremist purposes. Following is a verbatim translation of their comments:

Dr. Al-'Alawi: I think that when a sermon in a mosque leans towards extremism, is offensive, and attacks others or is inciting, it is the duty of Muslims and the heads of Islamic institutions to intervene immediately. Any man who calls for Allah's religion and for defending Muslims' rights should be aware that he cannot use the mosques and Islamic centers for spreading opinions calling for violence and rejecting others. I believe that moderate Muslims who believe in dialogue and moderate Islam must unite their efforts to stand together against this surging flow.

Dr. Al-Badawi: We know, as everyone, that what is happening now is a continuation of the Afghanistan campaign. Those who are responsible for this attack and for instilling this spirit in the youth cannot claim that they are not responsible because they are. I opposed it from the beginning, and wrote an article in 1985 saying that there are dangers in this trend because it transforms Islam from a religion into an ideology. It is turning it from a sound, tolerant faith, as any reasonable intelligent Muslim perceives it, into a closed issue that does not allow debate.

Dr. Al-'Alawi:We have one enemy and it is extremism, be its origin as it may, whether it originates in an extreme interpretation of Islam or in racist views. Our enemy is one and that is why there is no choice but to unite our efforts in order to fight it.

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