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Jun 03, 2023
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Muslim-American Writer Daniel Haqiqatjou: There Is Nothing Wrong With Marrying 9-Year-Old Girls If They Are Physically Mature, Like The Prophet Muhammad Did; America Prefers To Have Millions Of Children Molested By Their Public Schools Teachers

#10340 | 04:11
Source: The Internet - "An-Noor Cultural Center on YouTube"

Muslim-American writer Daniel Haqiqatjou said in a June 2, 2023 lecture titled "LGBTQ Agenda in the Education System and Homeschooling Our Children" at the An-Noor Cultural Center in Queens, NY that "millions" of children are molested in American public schools every year because the "beautiful institution" of child marriage has been abolished and because people no longer follow the example of the Prophet Muhammad, who married his wife 'Aisha when she was nine years old. He said that the American public school system has been replacing its staff with "minor attracted persons" ("MAPs"), and he argued that, in contrast, the Prophet Muhammad had not been a pedophile. He elaborated that Muhammad had married 'Aisha after she had already gone through puberty and that physically mature children should get married so that they don't follow their desires and commit fornication. In addition, he claimed that in Sweden, Muslim children are taken from their parents by authorities when public schools alert the government that the parents have taught their children that homosexuality is wrong.

Daniel Haqiqatjou: "In Sweden, they are taking kids. You have all of these Muslims, who are refugees from Syria, they have relocated to Sweden. If the teacher in the public school hears that the mom and dad are teaching this child that homosexuality is wrong or that LGBT is wrong, this is [considered] abuse of the child. Their social services, their child protective services there, come and confiscate the child, take the child away, and usually, they take a Muslim child and put it, him or her, in the custody of a gay couple.


"So this is what they call 'minor attracted person' – MAP. What does that mean? It means pedophile. So these people are also now becoming involved in public schools.


"Yes, the guidance counselors, the staff, the principals are being replaced by people of this type of orientation.


"So what is the proper counter argument to these people, wo want to accuse the Prophet of some kind of misbehavior, because of his marriage to 'Aisha? They want to compare it to child pedophilia. So there are a number of responses to this. Number one, 'Aisha was mature. She was physically mature at age nine, and that's very different than people who want to molest little kids in a closet. That is not the same as marrying someone who is physically mature.


"As soon as a girl is going through maturation, and her physical body is changing, then she is ready for that type of relationship of marriage. That is when every society encourages and sanctions marriage. So you can look at the records, the average age of marriage in Roman society, it was 13, 12 or 13. You can look at Chinese society, you can look at any kind of African society. It's all around that age.


"These kids – what are they doing now? These children, these minors, these girls, they are going through puberty at age nine, they're getting a boyfriend. They are engaging in all kinds of sexual behaviors at their schools, with their teachers or whatever, [committing] fornication. This is a myth, an image, as though a nine-year-old is like a little toddler. No, a nine-year-old, who has gone through puberty, is not a toddler. And you can go to the public schools and they are sexually active.

"This is the reality of the modern West, because they have abolished this idea of minor marriage. They have abolished this idea that when you are [past] puberty, your body has matured, your body has certain desires, and those desires are fulfilled through marriage. That is a beautiful institution, a halal, beautiful institution, that every culture has had, every religion has sanctioned, has approved of. It was only abolished because they want to spread fornication.

"They want that nine-year-old, that eight-year-old, to be sleeping with her classmates. They are encouraging it, if we are talking about Valentine's Day... In fact, they want her to be a lesbian.


"Again, as always, Islam is the solution. The Sunna, the example of the Prophet is the solution. The fact that they don't have this is why all this molestation is happening. All of this child molestation, all this rape... How many children are molested every year in the public school system? Millions."

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