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Oct 29, 2022
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Muslim-American Activist Dana Al-Hasan At Raleigh, N.C. Lecture: Martyrdom And Dying For Your Land Are An Integral Part Of Palestinian Culture; This Is An Important Religious And Cultural Element We Need To Tell Non-Muslims About

#9916 | 01:34
Source: Online Platforms - "Raliegh Masjid on YouTube"

Muslim-American activist Dana Al-Hasan, who belongs to an organization called Muslims for Social Justice, delivered a lecture about the Palestinian "struggle for liberation" at the Islamic Association of Raleigh, North Carolina, on October 29, 2022. Al-Hasan said that fighting, dying, and martyrdom are "integral" parts of Palestinian culture, and people need to tell non-Muslims about the religious and cultural significance these things have to Palestinians. She also said that Muslims in America can "adopt" many things from the Palestinian resistance. Al-Hasan's lecture was accompanied by a slideshow that included a photo of several Palestinian terrorists, including Omar Abu Leila, Wafa Baradei, and Fatah terrorists Aboud Sobh and Muhammad Al-Azizi. The slideshow featured a quote from Al-Azizi's father that said that "martyrdom is a celebration". The slideshow also said: "Palestinian fighters are referred to as martyrs [and] the celebration of martyrdom allows Palestinians to honor the lives given to the resistance."

Dana Al-Hasan: "What Islam tells us is that it is important for us to work together to defend ourselves, and to defend our country, and first and foremost, to defend our land. And this is a lot of what we are seeing from Palestinians on the ground that we can adopt today.


"I think for a lot of us, as Muslims, we understand the importance of honoring our martyrs. One of the reasons I had this here is because, again, when you're talking to people, particularly non-Muslims, this is an important religious and cultural element to explain to people. So always make sure to bring that within your conversation spaces as you're talking to people, and how this is such a great honor, to die for your land.


"You know, martyrs dying for our land and just continuously uniting and fighting together is an integral part of Palestinian culture and resistance. And we have always resisted in so many ways... in so many creative ways. It was even last year when we saw six Palestinian prisoners who escaped with a spoon — that's the significance of that photo there. Supposedly the most high max prison in Israel. But still, this doesn't prevent us. We will not be defied, we will only get stronger."

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