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Aug 27, 2019
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Moroccan Authorities Demolish Holocaust Memorial Built by German NGO, Anti-Normalization Activist Cites Alleged Attempts by Generals and Military Rabbis to Establish a "Second Israel" in Morocco

#7445 | 02:33
Source: Online Platforms - "Hespress Internet TV (Morocco) and BBC Arabic (U.K.)"

On August 27, 2019, BBC Arabic (U.K.) aired a report about a Holocaust memorial that was built in Marrakesh, Morocco by a German NGO called pixelHelper. The report said that pixelHelper was attempting to build the largest Holocaust memorial in the world in order to enhance friendly relations between Islamic countries and Jews, but that local authorities demolished the memorial after one year of construction because pixelHelper did not have the proper building permits. In a video uploaded on the same day by Hespress Internet TV (Morocco), Ahmed Wihmane, the President of the Moroccan Observatory against Normalization with Israel, said that he salutes the Moroccan authorities for destroying the shameful "so-called Holocaust memorial." However, he criticized the government for, in its idleness, having allowed the building to be erected in the first place, particularly since, according to Wihmane, the owner of the project is a homosexual Freemason with Zionist ideologies. Wihmane compared the Moroccan government's inaction to previous inaction he claimed took place regarding firearms training camps in Morocco that had been under the supervision of "generals and rabbis from the Israeli War Forces" and that had the purpose of establishing a "second Israel" in Morocco. Wihmane demanded that the government's delayed action in demolishing the memorial be investigated.

Following are excerpts:


(BBC Arabic)

Reporter: As its first activity in Morocco, a German organization called pixelHelper started a year ago to build the largest Holocaust memorial in the world.




The organization was hoping that this memorial would enhance friendly ties between Islamic countries and Jews.




However, about a year after construction began, the local authorities in Marrakesh destroyed the Holocaust memorial, because it did not have the necessary permit for any building.




(Hespress Internet TV)

Ahmed Wihmane: I salute the authorities for destroying this building of shame, the so-called Holocaust memorial, in Ait Faska, near Marrakesh. This does not absolve certain officials of their responsibility. They should answer the question: Where were you all this time that it took to erect that building, especially since its owner has revealed his Freemason background and his project of destruction. He presents ideological Zionist ideas about the tragedy of the Jews in WWII. In addition, he is a homosexual. All this should have urged the authorities to do their job before this memorial was built. Our conclusion is that this soft approach led to this result. In the past, there had been firearms training camps under direct supervision of generals and rabbis from the Israeli War Forces. When what had to be done was not done, it emboldened them to go further in their desire to establish a second Israel in the heart of Morocco and the Arab Maghreb. The responsible decision has now been made, but there should be an investigation.

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