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Jul 27, 2017
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Antwerp-Based Preacher Tahar Ibn Ali against Instating Islamic Law: These Groups Call for Nothing but Hatred, We Need Freedom, Respect for the Other

#6217 | 04:46
Source: The Internet - "Tahar Ibn Ali on YouTube"

Moroccan-Amazigh preacher Tahar Chadlioui (a.k.a. Tahar Ibn Ali) warned that calls for the establishment of an Islamic state and implementation of Islamic law in Europe were dangerous, saying that most of the different Islamic groups and sects "call for nothing but hatred" and that if we follow them, "they are going to chop your head off." In a Spanish-language video, titled "An Islamic State?" and posted on YouTube on July 27, Ibn Ali, who was born in Nador in the northeastern Rif region of Morocco, and today lives in Antwerp, Belgium, called for respect for the other and asked: "Do you want this kind of shari'a, or do you want freedom?"

Tahar Chadlioui: "Many young people talk about shari'a. They want shari'a. They want the law of Allah. But if you ask them what nullifies the ablution, they have no idea. If they do not know what nullifies the ablution, how can they possibly know what the shari'a is?


"I would like to ask the people who want the shari'a: Which shari'a are we going to instate? The best answer you may get is: 'the law of Allah.' Okay, but no angels are going to descend [to do this]. This shari'a will have to be instated by people. Which people will do it, brother? Which shari'a will they instate? The shari'a of the Shiites? Of the Kharijites? Of the Mu'tazila? Of the Ibadis? Of the Zaidis? Of the Salafis? Of the Wahhabis? Of the Muslim Brotherhood? And so on... What shari'a are we going to instate? Of which group? Of which sect? You realize that if you put any of those groups [in charge], you won't be seeing me on YouTube anymore. They will only put there what suits them. Therefore, I am grateful to Allah that YouTube is not owned by the Muslims. If it were, you would never see me again. Either you would be with them, or they would throw you out of YouTube.


"Listen to this: They killed Othman. They killed Ali. They killed Hussein. Those were the companions of the Prophet. Who were the assassins? The Muslims. In other words, either you are with us, or we will kill you!


"Today, it's the same, or even worse. There are more sects, more groups. Every person follows his own group, his own sheikh, and everyone else is considered an apostate. As if that’s not enough, some even say that all the rest are infidels, not Muslims. The majority of those groups and sects do nothing but call for hatred. All you can learn from them is hatred: 'We are the only ones who will go to Paradise, and everybody else will go to the hellfire.' So I'm asking you: Which shari'a are we going to instate? Do we want to become like Iraq, where Shiites are killing Sunnis and Sunnis are killing Shiites? The alternative is that every [group] will have its own mosque, and that each person will do what he wants. That is how I prefer it: Freedom. Everybody can do what he wants. If you want to follow Sunni Islam, go ahead. Shiite Islam? Go ahead. Mu'tazila? Go ahead. All that is required from you is to respect others.


"Do you want to instate shari'a in Europe? Fine, let's have it. But which shari'a is it going to be? If we instate, for example, the Hanbali shari'a – oh, no... It's too dangerous. If someone does not pray, he will be killed. Many people out there do not pray. So we will be obliged to force people to pray. You'd better pray, brother, or we will chop off your head... According to the Hanafi school if Islam, if you don’t pray, you go to prison. You will have to stay there until you start praying or until you die. For women, it will be even worse. You will have to stay at home, sister, and if you go out, you must be covered from head to toe. I'm going to stop here. I don’t think anybody is going to agree with me. I'm talking about the Muslims. The four schools [of Islamic jurisprudence] agree that a father has the right to force his young sons to marry. Do you want this? Do you like this? Do you want this kind of shari'a, or do you want freedom?


"After listening to this, I don’t think that you will ask for shari'a anymore. I only told you five percent of it. If I told you everything, I would be scaring you. In true Islam, there is freedom. But if we follow the groups, the sects, and so onthey are going to chop your head off. As for people who hate Islamsometimes they are right. With everything those groups and sects of Islam are doing, not only will you hate it, but you will leave it altogether."

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