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Jun 25, 2022
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Kansas City, Missouri Islamic Scholar Abdullah Bayazid: In Islam, Homosexuals Are Punished By Death; Disney Propagates Homosexuality – Even Superman Is Gay Now!

#9966 | 03:42
Source: Online Platforms - "Bayazid on YouTube"

In a Friday sermon at the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City in Kansas City, Missouri, local Islamic scholar Abdullah Bayazid said that corporations such as Disney and Zoom are propagating homosexuality, deviancy, and transgenderism. He said that even Superman is a "sodomite" today, and this is all part of a conspiracy to decrease the world's population since homosexuals do not have children. He also said that Islamic law stipulates that homosexuals must be killed and are cursed by Allah. The sermon was posted to Bayazid's YouTube channel on June 25, 2022.

Abdullah Bayazid: "Those people who are in control of the Disney company decided to make a cartoon network for your kids, that has two odd and deviant people – a transgender and a sodomite.


"Guess what? Superman right now is a sodomite. Right now, you will find that Superman, the one we all know from 50-60 years [ago], now he has changed. He became homosexual.


"There is a study that we are right now too many people on Earth, and we decided to bring the number down. How are we going to bring the number down? If you become a sodomite, a homosexual, you are not going to have any kids. The punishment illustrates the severity of the violation or the crime. In the Quran, there is nothing more severe than the homosexual.


"[Allah] lifted the whole entire village up to the sky. How high? Allah only knows. [He] turned it upside down and hit it on the ground.


"Now you can imagine, after he went up and down and he hit [the ground], is he alive? Probably not. Is that so severe? Yes. On top of that, there is a big rock with his name on it that hits him on the head. Why? Because he is a sodomite. He is a homosexual. Because we are allowing this into our homes, into our kids' [minds].


Companies That "Support Homosexuality" Are "Fighting Our Beliefs, Fighting Our Humanity"

"All of us, even here in the mosque – correct me if I am wrong – use Zoom.


"The Zoom company is one of the highest supporters of homosexuality. Companies around us... We don't know... But we have to open our minds, they are fighting us, fighting our beliefs, fighting our humanity.

"As long as we live, we are going to condemn homosexuality. As long as we live, we are going to declare that our religion made this haram.

"As long as we live, we are going to say what the Prophet said in the hadith of Ibn Abbas: 'Allah has cursed anyone who performs the act of Lot. Allah has cursed anyone who performs the act of Lot. Allah has cursed anyone who performs the act of Lot.' He repeated it three times.

"And also the Prophet said: 'Anyone you find performing the act of Lot, kill the active and the passive one.' This is our religion, this is our shar'ia, until Judgement Day. If we catch... If we have an Islamic government and an Islamic ruling and there is somebody who is fornicating or doing the work of those homosexuality, the rule of Islam is for him to be killed – both of them.

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