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Sep 23, 2024
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Michigan-Based Editor Of The Arab American News, Osama Siblani: Biden Is The First President Since Reagan Not To Have A Lebanese Cabinet Member; He's A Zionist, Starving The Lebanese In Order To Bring Hizbullah To Its Knees

#10901 | 02:51
Source: Al-Jadeed TV (Lebanon)

Dearborn, Michigan-based Osama Siblani, publisher and editor-in-chief of the Arab American News, discussed in a September 23, 2023 interview on Al-Jadeed TV (Lebanon) the positions of Arabs in America. He said that President Joe Biden has been the only president since Ronald Reagen who hasn't appointed a Lebanese-American cabinet member. Siblani said that the reason for this is that Biden is a Zionist. He concluded that the Arab-Americans and Lebanese-Americans will "overcome Joe Biden." In another portion of the interview, Siblani said that the U.S. is "starving the Lebanese people in order to subdue Hizbullah."

Osama Siblani: "Israel and the Jews in the U.S. - the Israeli lobby – invest $3-4 million, in order to gain $3.5 billion for Israel. In America, nothing is for free."

Interviewer: "Right."

Siblani: "American is like a shareholding company, in which you need to buy stocks. Nothing is for free. If you want to have a decision-making role in America, you need to have shares and a seat at the board of directors' table. You cannot just go begging for America to give you what you want.


Siblani: "Since the Reagan administration all the way to the Biden administration, there was always a Lebanese cabinet member in the U.S. government. This was the case ever since the Reagen administration. With the exception of Joe Biden.

"Joe Biden is the only president who did not give a cabinet member to the Lebanese, or the Arabs. With all the previous presidents, there was a Lebanese cabinet member."

Interviewer: "Why?"

Siblani: "Because there are 3.5 million Lebanese in America."

Interviewer: "But why Joe Biden did not give this?"

Siblani: "Because Joe Biden is a Zionist. He said so himself."

Interviewer: "Right."'

Siblani: "He said 'I'm a Zionist' a long time ago, and repeated it in his (recent) visit to Israel. I met Joe Biden twice before the elections, and he said to me straightforward: 'You will have a seat at the table.' Obviously, we did not get a seat at the table, or even a place in the entire decision-making room. Even his wife, Jill Biden, met with us, and she repeated the same things prior to the elections. What I am saying is that Joe Biden is an exception. This does not mean that the Arab-Americans or Lebanese-Americans have weakened. We are in a growing progress, and, inshallah, we will be able to overcome Joe Biden in the future.


Siblani: "What is America's interest in Lebanon today? Let's try to understand. It has no interest."

Interviewer: "Curbing the influence of Hizbullah."

Siblani: "Exactly! This is the American interest. They are starving the Lebanese people in order to bring Hizbullah to its knees."

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