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May 19, 2022
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Mayadeen TV Report On Gaza Militants Preparing For Confrontation With Israel: We Are Ready For New War With Israel; Our Rockets Are Loaded, We Have Rebuilt Our Tunnels

#9581 | 02:02
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

On May 19, 2022, Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) aired a report on Gaza militants' preparation for a future conflict with Israel. The report showed militants rebuilding strategic combat tunnels in Gaza, and Abu Ataya, the spokesman of Al-Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades, said that the "resistance" is ready to confront any Israeli aggression. The reporter said that the resistance strives to double its rocket production and that some of the rockets are already aimed and ready to be launched. In addition, he said that "sources" in the Palestinian joint operations room have said that the resistance is ready for a new war like the May 2021 Gaza conflict and that what it had prepared for the next war will surprise Israel.

Narrator: "A whole year has passed since the end of the [May 2021] Sword of Jerusalem war, but the resistance continues its preparations in case of any future confrontation. Underground, the resistance fighters wage fierce battle, with their picks, against the soil. They are racing against time to build, repair, and dig one of the most important strategic weapons of the resistance — the tunnels. These pictures show the readiness of the resistance, and refute Israel's claims about the destruction of the strategic tunnels."

Abu Ataya, Spokesman, Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades: "Since the end of the war and to this day, the Palestinian resistance has doubled its capabilities. I would like to stress that the Palestinian resistance has many times over compared to what it had during the Sword of Jerusalem war, and it is ready to confront any Israeli aggression."

Narrator: "Above ground, the military workshops work non-stop. The resistance strives to double its rocket production. As for the rocket launching pits, some are aimed and ready, and some are being loaded with rockets. This work is ongoing, and it is coordinated by the joint operations room.

"Sources in the operations room told us that the resistance is ready for a new war like the Sword of Jerusalem, that it would not allow the occupation to change the rules of engagement, that what it had prepared for the next war would surprise Israel, and that the Israeli military institution's efforts to weaken the resistance and to cause attrition to its capabilities have failed miserably."

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