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Jul 15, 2021
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Lebanese Girl Marita Derzeh: The Rulers Of This Country Are All Garbage, They Should Resign; It Would Be Better If Someone From Any Other Country Came To Rule Us

#8987 | 01:48
Source: MTV (Lebanon)

During a show that aired on MTV (Lebanon) on July 15, 2021, Lebanese girl Marita Derzeh said that the rulers of Lebanon "are all garbage" and that they should all resign. Derzeh suggested that it would be better for Lebanon if someone from any other country came to rule the Lebanese people. She said that now that the dollar has reached 22,000 Lebanese pounds, "we cannot get anything [...] there is no medicine, not Internet, no fuel."

Host: "I'd like to welcome a girl called Marita Derzeh. Good evening, Marita."

Marita Derzeh: "Good evening to you Marcel and to all the people sitting here."

Host: "God bless you. Why are you here tonight, Marita?"

Derzeh: "I have come to talk about our country."

Host: "What do you have to say about this country, Marita?"

Derzeh: "The rulers of this country are all garbage."

Host: "Is it that bad?"

Derzeh: "Yes."

Host: "Why are our rulers garbage, Marita?"

Derzeh: "Because the dollar is now 22,000 [Lebanese pound]. It's a lot."

Host: "What happens when the dollar reaches 22,000?"

Derzeh: "We cannot get anything.


"There is no medicine, no Internet, no electricity, no fuel…"


Host: "How can the situation in Lebanon be resolved? What will save us?"

Derzeh: "They should all resign."

Host: "Why?"

Derzeh: "We are disgusted by them."


Host: "Did you know that [Prime Minister-designate] Saad Hariri resigned today, and he will not form the new government?"

Derzeh: "Yes."

Host: "What do you think? Do you want him to be the prime minister or not?"

Derzeh: "No. They should all resign. We will be better off."

Host: "Who do you want to replace them? Who do you want?"

Derzeh: "It would be better if someone came from any other country to rule us."

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