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Nov 14, 2023
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London-Based Iranian Political Commentator Ali Alizadeh: MEMRI Clipped My Statement That Israel Killed Many Of Its Own Civilians On October 7, but Nasrallah Has Corroborated This

#10660 | 01:22
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

London-Based Iranian YouTuber and political commentator Ali Alizadeh doubled down on his statement that Israel killed its own civilians during the October 7 attacks, on a November 14, 2023 show that aired on Channel 1 (Iran). He said that these statements, which were highlighted by MEMRI (see MEMRITV clip number 10596), were corroborated by Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah in his speech. He said that he is pleased that the show is "so influential" and that Israelis follow it closely.

Ali Alizadeh: "It is very interesting to me that the last time you invited me on this show, MEMRI, which is a very well-known Israeli website with security ties to the Mossad, and to the IDF... In fact, the person who started this website is a former IDF [officer]… They took a portion of what I said to use as propaganda, but 4-5 days later, Hassan Nasrallah said the same things from Lebanon.

"Afterwards, the footage and photos of Apache helicopters were published, which made clear that the Israeli army played a role in the killing of Israeli civilians. Therefore, we should say that Israel is not only a child-killing regime, but also kills Israelis. It has no mercy towards its own citizens. Somehow, this has been brought to attention. I am very pleased that this show is so influential that Israelis focus on it and follow it carefully."

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