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Dec 17, 2018
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London-Based Analyst Catherine Shakdam on Iranian TV: Armed Resistance Is the Only Way Forward for the Palestinians

#6924 | 01:33
Source: Press TV (Iran)

On December 17, 2018, London-based political analyst Catherine Shakdam appeared on Press TV (Iran). She praised Hamas for uniting the Palestinian people with their ideology of standing against oppression. She said that the Palestinians will eventually be liberated through armed struggle, which is their obligation, their birthright, and their only recourse against a murderous enemy like Israel. She added that people should be careful when they advocate for peace all the time and that in the case of the Palestinians, armed resistance is the only way forward since they need to protect their future. Shakdam is a fellow at the Al-Bayan Centre for Planning and Studies, and her research on Yemen has been cited by the United Nations Security Council on several occasions since 2011. She was educated in the U.K. and France and is a convert to Shi'a Islam.

Following are excerpts:


Catherine Shakdam:  I think it’s important to remember this ability that Hamas has had to unite all Palestinians, regardless of their political standing or religious belief. With Hamas stands the idea of resistance against oppression, and I think it’s very important today. I think that Israel fails to understand that – it has nothing to do with politics per se, but more to do with an idea or philosophy that people were born free, and that they therefore have the right to stand in their land, and when this land is occupied then they have the right and obligation to resist.




Ultimately, their liberation will come from within, and in the armed struggle against Israel, because what is it you do against someone that is willing to kill your children in the dead of the night? The only recourse that you have is actually to resist, and armed resistance has become, I would say, a birthright when it comes to Palestine, because there is nothing else that they could do or should do. Their life is literally on the line. I think that people need to be very careful when they relate to the Palestinians struggle and advocate peace all the time. Peace is sometimes very useful, but in case of the Palestinians, I think that the only way forward is through armed resistance, because they need to protect their future.

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