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Jun 06, 2023
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Libyan Politician Ahmed Gaddaf A-Dam Implies Assassination Threat Against Makers Of Film About Qadhafi, Adds: Fmr. French President Sarkozy Took Money From Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, And Maghreb Countries, Not Just From Libya

#10351 | 03:03
Source: Al-Jadeed TV (Lebanon)

Libyan politician Ahmed Gaddaf A-Dam said in a June 6, 2023 interview with Al-Jadeed TV (Lebanon) that former French President Nicolas Sakrozy had asked Libyan dictator Muammar Qadhafi for financial support while he served as France's Interior Minister. He also warned any filmmakers who are making a film about this story against "disparaging" Qadhafi in the movie because he still has "millions of supporters" who have nothing to lose.

Ahmed Gaddaf A-Dam: "[Former French] President Sarkozy, like the other European leaders... In Western democracies, they take money from everybody. I challenge them to deny this. The Arabs who gave money to some of those leaders in the past should tell the truth."

Interviewer: "Give me an example."

Gaddaf A-Dam: "Giscard d'Estaing took diamonds from [Central African Republic President] Bokassa. There were many such scandals, if you can call them that. It even involved parliament members from Europe and the United States. This finances companies, individuals, countries, and political parties. This is how western democracy works."

Interviewer: "Did Jacques Chirac, for example, take [money] from you?"

Gaddaf A-Dam: "I do not remember. God rest his soul. He was a friend to the Arabs and an honorable man. I knew him personally since he was mayor of Paris, in 1979 I think. When he was in power, he cooperated with us. We needed to create good relations with France, and to have a friend in the Elysée Palace.

"When Sarkozy was Interior Minister, he was invited to visit Libya by our Interior Minister. He met with brothers in the security services, and they saw that this man is what we had been looking for, so they suggested that brother Mu'ammar meet with him, which he did. That is when the offer was made. [Sarkozy] asked for support and [Qadhafi] gave it to him."

Interviewer: "He asked for financial support?"

Gaddaf A-Dam: "Yes."


"Many Arab countries gave more than we did. I have some documents about it."

Interviewer: "To Sarkozy?"

Gaddaf A-Dam: "Of course."

Interviewer: "Who, for example?"

Gaddaf A-Dam: "This will be revealed soon by the French judiciary."


Interviewer: "[Sarkozy] had strong relations with Qatar, the UAE, and later with Saudi Arabia. So it was either Qatar or the UAE that gave Sarkozy [bribe money]."

Gaddaf A-Dam: "I'll save you the time. They all did."

Interviewer: "All of them?"

Gaddaf A-Dam: "All. Even the countries of the Maghreb."

Interviewer: "Qatar, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Morocco?"

Gaddaf A-Dam: "I'm talking about the countries of the Maghreb."

Interviewer: "So Algeria, first and foremost."

Gaddaf A-Dam: "Yes, and some African countries. This is the norm.


"Some countries and some individuals are writing books and making movies... A certain group is making a movie about Qadhafi now. I am warning the writer, the financier, the actors, and the cinemas where this might be screened that if they disparage Al-Qadhafi in any way, they might suffer... There are millions of Qadhafi loyalists from all nations. Such disparagement is unacceptable."

Interviewer: "Let me ask you, who..."

Gaddaf A-Dam: "They should not think that it is all over and they can do whatever they want. Now, we don't have a country [to lose], so there is no point in being afraid or hesitant. "

Interviewer: "What, you will assassinate them?"

Gaddaf A-Dam: "You said it."

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