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Mar 03, 2021
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Lebanese Political Activist Naji Hayek: If The Lebanese Army Fails To Protect Us, We Have Men Who Are Ready To Take Up Arms; We Will Accept Weapons From Whoever Offers Them, Even From Israel

#8756 | 03:25
Source: OTV (Lebanon)Online Platforms - "Radio Sawt Beirut International (Lebanon)"

Lebanese political activist from the Free Patriotic Movement Naji Hayek said that if the Lebanese army fails to protect Lebanon, then "we have men who are ready to do it, and they are ready, at any moment, to take up arms and to bring weapons." He made these remarks in an interview that aired on Beirut International Radio (Lebanon) on March 8, 2021. Hayek said that he would be willing to accept weapons from anyone who offers them, even if it is Israel, America, Syria, Saudi Arabia, or Jordan. He said that Turkey seeks to establish an Ottoman Sultanate by encroaching upon north Lebanese territory and that Hizbullah is doing the bidding of Iran and is "extremely detrimental to Lebanon."

In an interview that aired on March 3, 2021 on OTV (Lebanon), Hayek said that Hizbullah is causing disputes for Lebanon with other Arab countries. He explained that it is badmouthing Saudi Arabia and other countries while many Lebanese nationals work in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Kuwait, and their livelihoods depend on these countries. He added that when Hizbullah goes to defend “the oppressed” in other countries such as Yemen or Bosnia, this brings Lebanon down with them, and it could stick to moral support. For more about Naji Hayek, see MEMRI TV clips Nos. 8380, 8020, and 7294.

Naji Hayek, March 8, 2021: "After 100 years of Turkish secularism, we returned to Erdoğan, who mobilizes his pawns in northern Syria and northern Lebanon. As we all know, these are extremist, ISIS-like cells, that want to establish an Ottoman sultanate with the same ugly face it showed between 1516 and 1918. 


"The Rule of Jurisprudent enterprise is extremely detrimental to Lebanon. The role played by Hizbullah proves that it is linked to the agenda of the Rule of the Jurisprudent. 


"[Hizbullah] has more power than, and is arrogant towards, all its compatriots, including us. They believe that if they were not protecting Lebanon, our women would have been taken as slave girls. 


"The Lebanese army protects us. If the Lebanese army fails to protect us, we have men who are ready to do it, and they are ready, at any moment, to take up arms and to bring weapons..."

Interviewer: "From where will they bring weapons?"

Hayek: "From wherever."

Interviewer: "Will you get it from Israel?"

Hayek: "From wherever!"

Interviewer: "Even from Israel?"

Hayek: "If someone lays siege on us, and wants to kill us, and Satan offers to give me weapons, I would take the weapons. No one should try to embarrass or challenge me."

Interviewer: "Will you take weapons from Israel?"

Hayek: "I will take weapons from Israel. I will take weapons from America, from Syria, from Saudi Arabia... I will take weapons from Jordan, I will take weapons from wherever. You cannot tell me that you are coming to kill me... I would never take these weapons just to kill my compatriots, but if a certain group, no matter which, is coming to kill me, I would thank whoever would give me weapons. I would take these weapons from anyone, without feeling uncomfortable."


Hayek, March 3, 2021: "Because of [Hizbullah] we have disputes with Arab countries and they shut us out. 500,000 [Lebanese] families make a living from these Arab countries."

Interviewer: "Of course."

Hayek: "We have been shut out because you... Maybe it's enough for us to defend Lebanon? No! Yemen! If you want to support the oppressed everywhere, you can extend them moral support, but you cannot drag me down with you, with your support of the oppressed everywhere. When you go to defend the oppressed in Bosnia, you drag me down with you. Ultimately, I cannot... We are incapable of... Besides, it's not up to you to decide that you can curse Saudi Arabia. Some Lebanese sympathize with Saudi Arabia..."

Interviewer: "There are Lebanese who work there and make a living."

Hayek: "There are even Shi'ite Lebanese who live and make a living in Saudi Arabia, and the same goes for the UAE and Kuwait. 


"[Hizbullah] is upset with me, because they believe that they are above any criticism."

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