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Jan 10, 2023
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Lebanese Journalist Mohamad Barakat: The West Is Turning Against Iran Because Its Weapons Are Being Used In Europe Now; The 9/11 Mindset Is Changing – The Sunnis Are No Longer Perceived As The Biggest Threat

#10073 | 02:49
Source: Online Platforms - "Voice of Lebanon Radio"

Lebanese journalist Mohamad Barakat, the chief editor of Asasmedia.com, said in a January 10, 2023 interview that was posted on Voice of Lebanon Radio YouTube channel that Iran's biggest mistake was not attacking Arabs but rather being implicated in shedding European blood in Kyiv. He said that the fact that Iranian drones and weapons are being used against Ukraine in Europe's "own backyard" is swaying Western public opinion against Iran. He also said that historically, it was the Sunnis – including groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS – who had posed a threat to the West, but that the use of Iranian weapons against Ukraine has changed this.

Mohamad Barakat: "The historic mistake committed by Iran is not their attacks against the Arabs. The mistake was not to try to stage a coup in Kuwait and Bahrain, to bomb the Saudi Arabia, to bomb the UAE, to occupy Syria, or to occupy..."

Interviewer: "What was the mistake?"

Barakat: "Iran made a historic mistake, for which it will pay a steep price, when it implicated itself in [the shedding] of European blood.


"For the fist time in centuries, an army and weapons from the [Middle] East are killing Europeans and destroying infrastructure in Europe. This is what the Iranian drones are doing in Kyiv. In the past 24 hours, Washington accused Iran of facilitating war crimes in Ukraine, and the Pope condemned the executions in Iran.


"Moreover, the Europeans are preparing even harsher sanctions against Iran. What does all this mean? It means that Iran has made a mistake. It had the consent of Europe and the entire West to invade the Arab [countries]. It was not a problem. The historic problem was to get itself involved in the [shedding] of European blood.


"Europe ignored these weapons when they were being used in our countries – in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon, and that was the first step on a slippery slope. Now, these weapons have arrived in their own backyard. Today it's Ukraine, but tomorrow it will be Poland and Finland. This is not the end.


"Something in the Western mindset is stuck on 9/11: the belief that the Sunnis are going to conquer New York. The Sunnis carried out the bombings in Madrid, London, and France.

"The Sunnis belong to ISIS and want to conquer Europe, the Ottomans [ruled] in Europe and the Arabs in Al-Andalus...


"Historically, it was the Sunnis who presented a threat, but Kyiv changed that, and it will change it further in the months and years to come. In Kyiv, the conviction that the Sunnis are the threat to the West has begun to change. The Shiites have gotten to the heart of Europe with their lethal weapons."

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