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Sep 13, 2023
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Lebanese Talk Show On Child Marriage Introduces Underage Couple: 13-Year-Old Hala Says She Doesn't Like School, But Does Like Her 17-Year-Old Husband Musa; Musa Says He Prefers Hala Not 'Go Places'

#10494 | 03:15
Source: LBC (Lebanon)

On September 13, 2023, LBC TV (Lebanon) aired a talk show that hosted an underage married couple, 13-year-old Hala and 17-year-old Musa, to discuss their relationship. The couple said that they got married when Musa was 12 and Hala was eight. Hala told the interviewer that she doesn't like going to school but that she does like being Musa's wife. When asked if he would allow Hala to go to school, Musa answered that he would rather she stays with him and doesn't "go places" so she doesn't "open up."

Host: "Good evening, Hala."

Hala: "Good evening."

Host: "How old are you?"

Hala: "Thirteen."

Host: "Thirteen years old...Who is next to you?"

Hala: "My husband."

Host: "Your husband, Musa…"

Hala: "Yes."

Host: "Musa, how old are you?"

Musa: "Seventeen."

Host: "Seventeen years old, and you are thirteen... How old were you when you met Hala?"

Musa: "Twelve years old."

Host: "Twelve. And how old was she? "

Musa: "She was eight."

Host: "Eight years old. You were two children, aged 12 and 8..."

Musa: "And we got to know each other."

Host: "For what purpose?"

Musa: "In order to get married."

Host: "Why did you decide to marry at such an age? Are you still a child?"

Musa: "No."

Host: "How come?"

Musa: "I'm not a child."

Host: "So what are you?"

Musa: "I'm a man of course."

Host: "You are still a child."

Musa: "No, I'm a man."


Host: "Hala, you are 13 years old. Do you like going to school?"

Hala: "No."

Host: "What do you like doing?"

Hala: "I like being Musa's wife."

Host: "Pardon…"

Hala: "I like Musa."

Host: "You like Musa...You don't like school, but you like Musa. How do you calm her down when she gets upset?"

Musa: "I say nice things to her and give her chocolate or candy."


Host: "Does she know anything about the wedding night? She was a 12-year-old girl. Did she know anything about the wedding night?"

Musa: "First of all…"

Host: Do you know what the 'wedding night' is?"

Musa: "I got married, of course I do."

Host: "So you know...Did she know too?"

Musa: "Of course."

Host: "Who told her? Did you?"

Musa: "Of course."


Host: "Do you want to get pregnant now, or are you still waiting?"

Musa: "We are waiting for now."

Host: "Are you using contraceptives?"

Musa: "No."

Host: "And what if she does get pregnant?"

Musa: "If she does, she does."


Host: "She said she did not like school. Would you let her go to school if she wanted?"

Musa: "I prefer that she stays with me."

Host: "Why?"

Musa: "I don't want her to go places."

Host: "What can happen if she goes out?"

Musa: "She might open up."


Host: "When Musa told you he wanted to get married, even though he was still a child, what was your position, as his father?"

Father: "He did not tell me he wanted to get married. I told him."

Host: "You did…"

Father: "Two years ago, I suggested to him that he get married, and he refused."

Host: "Do you think a 14-year-old is ready for marriage? What does it mean that he is ready for marriage?"

Father: "At the age of 14, 15, or 16, he is no longer a child."

Host: "What makes him ready for marriage?"

Father: "There are two schools. The first school is for education. When we lose this education, we should turn to the other school, which is the home."

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