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Mar 27, 2023
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Ibrahim Murad, President Of The Lebanese Syriac Union Party: Iran Is Occupying Lebanon By Means Of Hizbullah; Bashar Al-Assad Is Merely An 'Employee' Of Russia And Iran

#10204 | 01:58
Source: Online Platforms - "Saw Beirut International Radio on YouTube"

Ibrahim Murad, the president of the Lebanese Syriac Union Party, said in a March 27, 2023 show on Sawt Beirut International Radio (Lebanon) that Lebanon has been destroyed by the Syrian occupation and later by Hizbullah, which he said is occupying Lebanon on behalf of Iran. Murad also said that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad is not free to make his own decisions because he is an "employee" of Russia and Syria.

Ibrahim Murad: "The people who came and destroyed this country had a strategic ideology and plan. They followed this plan and divided the country. It's not only the Christians who are divided..."

Interviewer: "Who do you think destroyed this country?"

Ibrahim Murad: "At first, it was the Syrian occupation, and later, Hizbullah, which is implementing the Iranian plan in the region, obviously..."

Interviewer: "You mentioned the Syrian occupation. Is there an Iranian occupation of Lebanon today?"

Murad: "Of course. It is represented by Hizbullah.


"The Syrian president will not discard Iran, because it was Iran – through Russia – that tried to help his regime back on its feet. He is trying to play tricks, and return to the Arab League without meeting all the conditions, or by creating hope that he will, gradually, but as far as I know, there is a complete refusal [to allow Syria back], before [Al-Assad] makes the final decision to end Iran's control of Syria."

Interviewer: "Can Bashar Al-Assad make such a decision?"

Murad: "I think he cannot, because he is not free to make his own choices.


"He is sort of employee, working for Iran and the Russians..."

Interviewer: "Bashar Al-Assad is sort of employee?"

Murad: "Of course. He cannot make his own decisions. When the Russian president came to Syria, Bashar Al-Assad went to visit him, not the other way around."


Interviewer: "To where does Hizbullah export killers-for-hire?"

Murad: "To the countries abroad where it is fighting and embroiling us in wars.


"When [the leader of] a political party says: 'All our weapons, food, drink, and money come from Iran,' and it is implementing Iran's schemes throughout the region – Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine – this is... Receiving foreign money is an offense punishable by law, so what about receiving foreign weapons?"


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