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Oct 31, 2010
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Lebanese MP Uqab Saqr Criticizes Hizbullah, Warning that It May Become "A Mafia and a Militia"

#2669 | 02:32
Source: Abu Dhabi TV

Following are excerpts from an interview with Lebanese MP Uqab Saqr, which aired on Abu Dhabi TV on October 31, 2010:

Uqab Saqr: Let's be frank – if Hizbullah wants to turn May 7 into an example of its "stick" policy towards the Lebanese, we say to it, loud and clear: Even if it be May 700 or May 7,000, we will not give in even an inch. We will not give in to pressure or threat. If Hizbullah wants to repeat the mistake of May 7, it will drive the country into a state of chaos. We will confront this chaos through the institutions and the logic of politics, not through the military. However, this will present Hizbullah with a central question.

Interviewer: What is it?

Uqab Saqr: I'd like to remind Hizbullah that when the so-called "Palestinian resistance" controlled Lebanon, and wreaked security and military mayhem upon the people of South Lebanon...

Interviewer: Are you saying that Hizbullah is wreaking the same kind of mayhem?

Uqab Saqr: Yes, to a certain extent, it has begun to wreak this kind of mayhem. If the resistance wants to emulate the conduct of Palestinian resistance in South Lebanon, it must remember that the people of South Lebanon, who confronted Israel, also threw rice at the Israeli tanks, and welcomed the Israeli enemy in order to finish off that tyrannical resistance. Does Hizbullah want the Lebanese people, or a large part of it, to prepare sacks of rice behind its doors, awaiting the arrival of Satan – not only Israel – to liberate them from Hizbullah?

If Hizbullah wants to restore the Fakhani Republic, which was established in the days of the Palestinian resistance, and was a symbol of tyranny and mayhem against the Lebanese – that is its own business. We will confront the Fakhani Republic by peaceful resistance and by politics. In my opinion, if Hizbullah is determined to repeat the mistake of May 7, it is beginning to write the final chapter of its history, in which it becomes a mafia and a militia, and Lebanon and the world will treat it as such.


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