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Nov 24, 2023
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Lebanese MP Camille Chamoun: Remember – We Shot At Israel First; There Are Other Ways To Show Solidarity With Gaza Than Military Means

#10683 | 01:42

Lebanese MP Camille Chamoun said in a show that was published by Spot Shot Online (Lebanon) on November 24, 2023 that Lebanese elements are the ones who started firing missiles at Israel during the war in Gaza, and not the other way around, and he said that there are ways to show solidarity with Gaza other than through military means. He criticized the clear violation of UNSC Resolution 1701, which should have secured Lebanon's southern border, adding: "We fire at them and then start complaining? What's the story?"

Camille Chamoun: "I would like to remind the viewers that it was we who started shooting at northern Israel, as an act of solidarity with Hamas and with... Solidarity does not have to be by military means. There can be political solidarity. We can launch a worldwide political campaign to give Palestine back to the Palestinian people who have the right to their land. There are international resolutions. There is Resolution 1701, which stems from Resolution 1559, which everybody signed, and which ended the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006. According to this resolution, we should have a secure border in south Lebanon. So why are we disrupting the security in southern Lebanon?"

News anchor: "So Hizbullah is required to abide by Resolution 1701, and Israel can do whatever it means – killing children, journalists, and civilians, and targeting [Lebanese] lands..."

Chamoun: "But we are the ones who started shooting at them. We were the first to launch missiles at them. Check it out. When the Gaza Flood started – who opened [fire] in the south Lebanon front? If we create provocations against them... We fire at them and then start complaining? What's the story?"

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