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Jul 27, 2004
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Lebanese Journalist, Nabil Bu Munsif, Slams Syria and Hizbullah

#176 | 03:29
Source: LBC/LDC TV (Lebanon)

Nabil Bu Munsif a journalist for the Lebanese newspaper Al-Nahar was interviewed by LBC, the official Lebanese TV channel. In this interview, Bu Munsif shraply criticized Syria and Hizbullah. The following are excerpts:

Bu Munsif: There is no voice in Lebanon saying, "I can manage my own affairs." Lebanon has been erased. It has no political power, no political vitality. It doesn't even have political honor, which is the most important thing. There is no voice saying to the world, "We want this country to rule itself." This is why we are always afraid and not only of them (the Syrians). We are afraid of ourselves.

The game played today is the best proof. The impression we give to the outside world is one of playing a foolish game, and of democratic ritual. This is not democracy, only formalistic, false ritual. The proof of this is that they make a big deal out of the municipal elections, and then they go to Syria and say, "Please appoint our president for us." As usual?

Host: There are fundamental positions dictated to any president that may come and there are principles he is expected to follow, the most important of which are defending the Resistance (i.e. Hizbulla), the Syrian-Lebanese relationship and many other issues. These issues are entrusted today to President Lahoud.

Bu Munsif:Very well, these issues are entrusted to him and this is what we are complaining about. Us and three-quarters of the world. We complain about it. What do you mean entrusted (to him)? The Resistance? There is a big problem with the Resistance. Resisting Israel is one thing and initiating resistance is another. For a month now, the country is again in a very dangerous situation with Hizbullah making the decisions of war and peace in Lebanon. We complain about this.

Host: But this is the position of the minority in Lebanon.

Bu Munsif: Who said it's a minority? Who conducted a referendum showing it is a minority.

Host: Who claimed that Hizbullah's behavior was a mistake?

Bu Munsif: Despite the ideological oppression and terror in Lebanon, there are still people who say this.

Is everything that happened with the Resistance okay and considered an achievement? Liberating south Lebanon from Israel is an achievement, and no question about that. Israel is an enemy of Lebanon. On this too, there is no dispute. But is the Resistance's approach toward Israel entirely correct? No, here there is, and must be, a debate. This must be debated and brought before the new administration. Should Hizbullah be permitted to wage war against Israel at any time with no one objecting? No, this must not be allowed. Do we need to bear the consequences? No, this is not acceptable.

Host: But this is not an internal Lebanese decision. But...

Bu Munsif: We want a new president who will discuss these issues? This depends on the joint Syrian-Lebanese track. This is a regional decision. It is a Syrian decision, first and foremost. We want the presidential elections to start the process of correcting our relations with Syria, right? Even Syria's supporters say this. Syria's supporters, not its foes. Are they dishonoring religion? Are they traitors? Is this blasphemy? Why should we not discuss the issue of resistance? Why? These achievements we talk about? we need to discuss whether they really are achievements. Some say they are achievements, others say they are not.

In south Lebanon there was liberation. This is an achievement, but from now on everything must be discussed, everything. Even the issue of the Resistance under President Lahoud should be discussed. Was everything done right? Why doesn't anyone raises this issue for discussion?

Host: Because it is taboo.

Bu Munsif: Taboo? Then what is the purpose of the Lebanese people? To remain submissive and docile?

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