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Aug 21, 2022
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Lebanese Journalist Ghadi Francis: Israel Perpetrates A Holocaust Against The Palestinian People Every Day; I Want Israel To Cease To Exist; The "Islamic Resistance" In Lebanon Belongs To All Lebanese People

#9785 | 01:17
Source: OTV (Lebanon)

Lebanese journalist Ghadi Francis said in an August 21, 2022 show on OTV (Lebanon) that Israel is perpetrating a "holocaust" against the Palestinian people on a daily basis and that although the Lebanese resistance against Israel is "Islamic," it belongs to all the Lebanese people. Francis added that she wants Israel's existence to "come to an end." She further claimed that Israelis tremble with fear when they hear the Lebanese accent spoken abroad.

Ghadi Francis: "Israel is heading towards its fifth elections in less than three years. By no means is it politically stable. They have a big political crisis, because they themselves do not know who they are. When global Zionism was established, it was basically a secular organization, and on the basis of the grievances of the Jews over the Holocaust, this movement wanted to establish a homeland for them on our land. Now, 80 years later, they are perpetrating a holocaust against the Palestinians every day. They have become as extremist as can be.


"The resistance in Lebanon is an Islamic resistance, but the way I see it, and still love it, it is a resistance for the entire Lebanese people."

Reporter: "You still love it…"

Francis: "I still love and I am still part of it. I want Israel's existence to come to an end.


"When I sit at a coffee shop in Milan, and there is an Egyptian, a Moroccan, and an Iraqi there, but when an Israeli walks in and hears me talking with a Lebanese accent, he trembles with fear."

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