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Apr 20, 2020
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Lebanese International Affairs Expert Abdo Al-Laqis: COVID-19 Was Made by the U.S. and Deliberately Sent to China; It Is Designed to Kill off People over 65, Because They Are Unproductive

#7954 | 02:50
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Lebanese international affairs expert Abdo Al-Laqis said in an April 20, 2020 interview on the Hizbullah-affiliated Al-Manar TV (Lebanon) that COVID-19 was developed and patented in the United States, that it was deliberately sent to China in order to weaken China’s economy, that it specifically targets people over the age of 65 in order to get rid of unproductive members of society, and that U.S. President Trump wouldn’t mind if 200 million Americans died as a result of the virus.

Abdo Al-Laqis: "I wouldn't rule out... Even if the coronavirus crisis ends, it's possible that a few months later, there will be a similar crisis."

Interviewer: "Of what sort?"

Al-Laqis: "A new virus will be created. We have entered a biological world war. This virus did not appear by coincidence."


"A while ago, I read early studies that found that in the entire world, there are 900 million more people over the age of 65 than there are younger people..."


"They are viewed as unproductive. They are consumers and that's it. The same study found that each one of these people costs their country 280,000 Euros per year.


"These people have become a burden for these countries – their housing, their medical care, their food...


"This is why they treat them like this. [They say:] 'they need to be gotten rid of.' This virus, according to virologists and to studies... I'm not a virologist, but I'm telling you what I read in reports... This virus is composed of four kinds of viruses, one of which is AIDS.


"This wasn't created by nature. All the virologists have confirmed that it is not a single-celled organism."

Interviewer: "Before coronavirus, there was SARS, and there was [MERS] in Saudi Arabia...

Al-Laqis: "This virus was patented in the U.S. in 2015. You can find this on Google, just search 'patent registry.' It is under the names of three scientists who invented it and patented it in 2015. It is called COVID-19 because it was improved in 2019. At the beginning of the crisis, President Trump..."

Interviewer: "So the Americans developed it and sent it to China?"

Al-Laqis: "Yes.


"Also, why did [the U.S.] target China? Because the Chinese economy is better than the U.S. economy by trillions of dollars. America has roughly 300 million people..."

Interviewer: "330 million."

Al-Laqis: "If 200 million non-productive Americans die, and there are 100 million Americans left... As far as [Trump] is concerned, this would be fine. He has said that after the coronavirus, the American economy will soar like a rocket."


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