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Mar 28, 2019
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Lebanese Academic Sheikh Sadek Al-Naboulsi: Syrian Government to Establish Multi-National Resistance Force to Liberate the Golan Heights

#7157 | 03:23
Source: Al-Jadeed TV (Lebanon)

Sheikh Sadek Al-Nabousli, a Lebanese political science lecturer, said in a March 28, 2019 interview on Al-Jadeed/New TV (Lebanon) that the Syrian regime is in favor of and has an opportunity to establish a resistance force in order to "liberate" the Golan Heights from Israel. Al-Naboulsi said that a resistance in the Golan could consist of non-Syrian factions such as Hizbullah, the Iraqi PMU, and even Afghan forces. He explained that the Syrian government can allow these forces, which have already been fighting against ISIS in Syria, to get to the Golan. He said that there will be operations in the Golan very soon and that everybody will hear about it.


Sadek Al-Naboulsi: With all of today’s destruction and anarchy in the region, the Syrians have been liberated and they now have a real opportunity to create a resistance movement – like the Lebanese resistance – for the liberation of the Golan Heights. With regard to the liberation of the Golan Heights, the situation today is better. The Syrian leadership and government have never said that hey accepted the status quo.

Interviewer: Will it be like the Lebanese resistance and not like the Islamic resistance? That is, could it consist of different factions that aren’t necessarily Syrian? Could it include the Palestinian, Lebanese, and other factions?

Sadek Al-Naboulsi: Why not?

Interviewer: Will Hizbullah join the resistance to liberate the Golan?

Sadek Al-Naboulsi: Today, the United States is present everywhere in the world. It operates with complete freedom, and it ruins everything and causes anarchy everywhere. Is something preventing us – the locals – from operating in our own territory? Is something preventing Hizbullah and the PMU from being present in the Golan?




Today, it is the people who act. Even the Syrian state has room for action, and it enables forces from outside of Syria to get to the Golan – the Golan being Arab land that must be liberated. The same principle that enabled Arab forces to get to the West Bank or Gaza in order to fight and to defend Palestine, is today enabling Arab forces to get to the Golan and fight the Israeli enemy. We are approaching that stage, I’m telling you. Today, there are Afghan, Iraqi, and Lebanese forces in Syria, and they are helping the Syrian government fight terrorism. These very same forces will be present in the Golan and will fight the Israeli enemy.




As long as the international community and international law are not respected, it is the right of the people of the region to initiate actions to achieve their interests. Today, the Syrian government is ready and it is preparing to establish a Syrian resistance in the Golan, and I imagine that it will occur simultaneously with the activities present today in Palestine – in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.




Interviewer: So you are openly saying today that Bashar Al-Assad’s regime is in favor of establishing a resistance in the Golan?

Sadek Al-Naboulsi: Completing. Yes, I am convinced that this is the case. I’m telling you that now, the balance of power has changed. There is a big shift in the balance of power in the region and in the world. The borders between Arab countries have been shattered. Sikes-Picot has changed.

Interviewer: So maybe the first action will be to announce the establishment of a real resistance…

Sadek Al-Naboulsi: Yes. Very soon, there will be operations in the Golan. Everybody will hear about this.

Interviewer: I hope that it will bring about liberation.


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