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Oct 03, 2018
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Leading Saudi Scholar Abdullah Al-Mutlaq on Polygamy: Instead of Going Berserk, The First Wife Should Help Her Husband Treat His Wives Equally

#6791 | 02:40
Source: Channel 1 (Saudi Arabia)

Abdullah Al-Mutlaq of the Saudi Council of Senior Scholars said that polygamy was "sometimes a necessity and sometimes a crime" and that if a man marries multiple wives, he must treat them equally. Speaking on an October 3 fatwa show on Saudi Arabia's TV Channel 1, Al-Mutlaq said: "The wives are not entirely innocent because they do not help the husband treat them with equality." Instead of "[going] berserk and [making] a fuss," the wife should "pray for Allah to turn her into a good neighbor, and should help her husband treat them equally," he said.

Following are excerpts:


Abdullah Al-Mutlaq: Polygamy is sometimes a necessity and sometimes a crime. Some people have the capability to marry more than one wife. At the same time, we have women who are divorcees or spinsters. Where can they go? I say to the men: Marry two wives, marry three wives, but treat them equally.




The wives are not entirely innocent because they do not help the husband treat them with equality. As soon as she hears that her husband has married, or intends to marry, another wife, she goes berserk and makes a fuss. Brothers, such behavior is not allowed. It is haram. I'm telling you, as God is my witness, that wives whose husbands marry an additional wife start saying: "That's it. I want a divorce." Girl, give him a chance. See if he behaves with equality. But no. "Since my husband married another woman, I don't want him." Eventually, the husband divorces her, because men like things to be discreet. Not a year goes by and she starts having second thoughts. Brothers, what is the husband supposed to do now? But when, after a while, he says he wants to have her back, the second wife says: "Why would you take her back? I've done nothing wrong." Women are jealous of one another. A woman whose husband marries an additional wife should pray for Allah to show her toe good side of that wife and spare her the bad. She should pray for Allah to turn her into a good neighbor, and she should help her husband treat them equally. Some women don't help their husbands act with equality. They act like a police interrogator: "Where did you go? What are you doing?" Ultimately, the husband gets sick and tired of her, and says: "Whatever, I'll let her go. I'm tired of her."

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