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Feb 03, 2015
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Leading Lebanese Journalist Ibrahim Al-Amin: Hizbullah Has an Unsettled Account with the CIA

#4778 | 01:04
Source: OTV (Lebanon)

In a recent TV interview, Lebanese journalist Ibrahim Al-Amin, chairman of the board of the "Al-Akhbar" newspaper, considered close to Hizbullah, said: "The U.S. intelligence and Hizbullah have an unsettled account." The interview aired on the Lebanese OTV channel on February 3, 2015.

Following are excerpts:

Ibrahim Al-Amin: The U.S. intelligence and Hizbullah have an unsettled account. It's nothing new. It was the U.S. intelligence that carried out the Beir Al-Abd bombing in 1984 or 1986. There is an unsettled account. Three years ago, Hizbullah completely wiped out the CIA station in Beirut.

Interviewer: When was this?

Ibrahim Al-Amin: Three years ago.

Interviewer: You mean that Hibzullah exposed…

Ibrahim Al-Amin:… a network that was recruiting Lebanese.

Interviewer: You don't mean that it was wiped out by a bombing. It just dismantled the CIA network of agents?

Ibrahim Al-Amin: If only! I wouldn't mind if this station has been blown up.

Interviewer: This would be aggression against a friendly country.

Ibrahim Al-Amin: C'mon. Some friend…


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