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Oct 24, 2020
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Kuwaiti Islamic Scholar Nabil Al-Awadhi Called On A Boycott Of French Products; French Speaking Muslims Should Call The 'Miserable' French Nation To Islam

#8411 | 02:27
Source: Channel 9/Qanat TV (Turkey)

Kuwaiti Islamic scholar Nabil Al-Awadhi said in an October 24, 2020 interview on Channel 9 (Turkey) that any claims that slandering the Prophet Muhammad should be considered freedom of expression in France are deceitful. He called for a boycott of French products, saying that if billions of people boycott French products, this will have an impact on France's economy. He said that in France, it is forbidden to mock a certain group of people, which he will not mention by name, and if anyone speaks out against them, they are accused of antisemitism, all the while it is considered freedom of speech to attack what millions of Muslims in France hold sacred. In addition, Al-Awadhi called on all French-speaking Muslims to spread Islam in France because the French nation is "miserable."

Interviewer: "Once again, a hostile individual is slandering our great Prophet. I am referring of course to [French President] Macron, and he does this in the name of freedom of thought and expression. What is this deceit?"


Nabil Al-Awadhi: "Of course, these things cannot even fool the infidels, let alone the Muslims, nor those who claim to be liberals. Even the people who claim to uphold these freedoms know that these are complete lies. In France itself, there are several groups that a person is not allowed to talk against, let alone act against. I'd rather not name these groups, because one may be accused of being a racist, of leveling accusations against specific sects, of antisemitism, and of many other things. You might even be taken to court just because you spoke out against a certain group.

"Well, don't the millions of Muslims living there constitute a group worthy of respect? The Prophet Muhammad is of the utmost sanctity for them. This is not limited to France. There are almost two billion [Muslims]. How can there be freedom to attack what is sacred to two billion people on Earth?


"It is inconceivable that a country that has been fighting the Muslims for many years, and today, the [French] bared their teeth, yet I would pay them a single riyal, dinar, dirham, or lira? This is inconceivable. This is not right.


"Maybe one lira won't affect France's economy, but many liras will. You yourself would have no impact, but if a billion [people boycott French products], this would certainly have an impact.


"Spread Islam and the Prophet's guidance as much as you can. I am calling upon all the French speakers, the people from the Maghreb, the Muslims living in France and all [others] who speak this language to spread Islam in French, because most of the French people are miserable. Perhaps this is why they are converting to Islam by the millions."

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