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Sep 24, 2011
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Kuwaiti Preacher Nabil Al-Awadi Warns against Jewish Conspiracy in Cartoons, Says: SpongeBob is a Sissy, Sandy a Butch (Archival)

#5632 | 04:52
Source: Al-Watan TV (Kuwait)

In a 2011 episode of his religious TV show, Kuwaiti preacher Nabil Al-Awadi claimed that there was a Jewish-Freemason conspiracy aimed at instilling un-Islamic messages in the mind of children through popular animated films. "The whole world has turned SpongeBob," he complained. "They are instilling the message that boys are wimps, sissies, and girlish, whereas girls are butch, strong, and masculine... Brothers, there is homosexuality in cartoons." Al-Awadi further said that "Jews are behind most of the American companies today." The show aired on Al-Watan TV on September 24, 2011.

Nabil Al-Awadi: "When we talk about cartoons today, and about their impact on our children, it's not like we used to watch 20 years ago, or what other people watched 30 or 40 year ago. Once there was only a single TV channel, and only the first quarter or half an hour every day was dedicated to cartoons. It was supervised by the TV authority - whether Kuwaiti, Saudi, UAE, Bahraini, or any other state. The state would supervise these cartoons, and would allocate the first half hour or half of broadcasting to them. That's it.

"But not today. Today there are hundreds of TV channels, and dozens of channels are dedicated to cartoons. Today, it is all open, with no censorship. Today, our children might be influenced in any imaginable way. The character that has the greatest influence on our children today - ask your own children, and you will see that they know it... I wasn't familiar with it until recently... It's name is SpongeBob. This SpongeBob is a sponge, which has become the most famous animated character in the world today. According to an American magazine, it is the most watched cartoon in history.

"SpongeBob is a boy, and there is a group of boys and a girl called Sandy. They live on a beach on an island, and there are all kinds of stories, like in every series. The problem is that although this boy is a boy, during the series, his movements are the movements of a girl. Sometimes, he wears girls' clothes, he moves like a girl, and he has a girl's eyelashes. He is always wimpish, always bashful, always crying and scared. And who is the strong character in the series? Sandy, the girl, who defends him. She is butch, she knows karate...

"You know that this is the most famous cartoon character today, even among our children in the Gulf. All our children are familiar with it. It appears on their schoolbags, on their notebooks, and on their clothes. The whole world has turned SpongeBob. The problem is that through this series they are instilling the message that boys are wimps, sissies, and girlish, whereas girls are butch, strong and masculine. Just imagine our children ten years down the line. What will happen if they emulate this character?


"People, I am not exaggerating. I am not blowing this up. I have read it and seen it with my very eyes. It is inconceivable for our children to see such things. Brothers, there is homosexuality in cartoons. The very least thing they show children is a boy kissing a girl. That's the most trivial thing they see today in series and cartoons. That's the very least they see today, not to mention much worse things.


"Jews are behind most of the American companies today. They work diligently and spend billions in order to change the thinking of children worldwide, not just the Middle East, not just us Arabs. No, they work throughout the world. Therefore, some of the films produced by the Disney company, for example, which is controlled by a Jew... Many of these films contain Freemason symbols. What do cartoons have to do with Freemason symbols?! This is because there are people operating in darkness. Why do they use this Satanic gesture? Many cartoon characters make this gesture. Why? In order to instill things in the mind of the child through his subconsciousness.

"These programs program the mind of the child, and when he grows up, he accepts these things wholeheartedly. How come we hear today about the Emo movement, Satan worshippers, Arab atheists, and so on? Without us noticing, secret messages were sent to them through cartoons. We did not realize this. How come a boy says to his mother: 'I can't wait for winter to come'? When she asks why, he says: 'Because Santa Claus will come and bring us presents, Mom.' 'Mom, when is Christmas?' (She says:) 'What do you care?' (He says:) 'So we can have a Christmas tree.' Where do children learn these strange notions, which are alien to our society?"

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