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Oct 18, 2015
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Kuwaiti MP Nabil Al-Fadhl Criticizes Kuwait's Handling of Terrorism, States: Obama Is Fooling the World about ISIS

#5132 | 05:25

In an Octboer 18, 2015 interview with the Kuwaiti Al-Shahed TV channel, MP Nabil Al-Fadhl slammed the way Kuwait was handling terrorism, saying that anti-terrorism legislation was required, and criticizing both Sunni and Shiite extremist religious ideology. Al-Fadhl further said that Obama was "fooling the world by declaring war against ISIS" when he was in fact standing alongside it.

Following are excerpts:

Nabil Al-Fadhl: We have a problem. We have no law regulating the [battle against] terror. Look at the five people who supported ISIS: One of them held an ISIS flag. What can we do to them?

Interviewer: Nothing.

Nabil Al-Fadhl: There is no law… Look, it is not a crime if there is no law saying that it is.


This is an international problem. The world's nations and the U.N. cannot agree on the definition of terrorism. America considers Hamas to be a terrorist organization, whereas the Arabs say that Israel is the terrorist. But as a state, we can define terrorism in a way that is relevant to us. So first of all, I have submitted a bill defining terrorism as something that harms the country, its supreme interests, its security, and its society. Then, in another bill, I made a list of the groups that should be considered terrorist organizations. Things need to be clear. Today, we are fighting ISIS. My country provides logistics for this war. Okay, our constitution does not allow us to actively participate in this war, but shouldn't we, as part of this war against ISIS…

We still have not declared ISIS to be an enemy or a terrorist organization. We have not even declared war against it. This is inconceivable. If you cannot conduct yourself according to the law, it's a problem. Where is the law that prohibits one from becoming a Hizbullah member?


The common denominator between all the [Islamist] organizations is that they feel no accountability, because they do not feel that they are citizens of this country. They do not feel that this is their country… The reason that they do not feel themselves to be citizens is that the religious movement, in its mosques and schools, continues to fight the notions of a country. There are no countries in Islam: It's either the Land of War or the Land of Islam. That is why they are fighting this notion. They even cancelled the civics studies, and it was renewed only 25 or 30 years later.

It is the control of the religious ideology that has produced this. Those poor guys who join ISIS – where did they emerge from? From there. I don't believe that any liberal or even a drug addict or an alcoholic – told anyone to join ISIS. Who calls people to join ISIS? Those bearded men who pray and fasts. Going to Heaven is a private matter – you can't get me in there, and I can't get you out of there. This does not concern you. They have introduced this notion and taken control over every aspect of our lives. They have changed our clothes, our food, our way of life, and everything.

Interviewer: You hold the Salafi movement and the Muslim Brotherhood accountable, but there are extremists among the Shia as well.

Nabil Al-Fadhl: I'm talking about extremists from all schools of thought, with no exception.

Interviewer: Just to be clear…

Nabil Al-Fadhl: There's no difference between Sunnis and Shiites in this matter. The degree of extremism may vary, but it concerns them all. How is it the fault of a Shiite who lives under the control of Shiite ideology? Or a Sunni who lives under the control of Sunni ideology?

Interviewer: Doesn't the state sponsor them?

Nabil Al-Fadhl: Yes, undoubtedly.

Interviewer: The state has been sponsoring them for 30 years.

Nabil Al-Fadhl: We pin the responsibility upon the state. Haven't we done anything ourselves? We have done nothing wrong? That's inconceivable.


Let's be honest and compare the Syrians under Bashar's dictatorship and today, after the Arab Spring of the Muslim Brotherhood there. How is Syria doing today?

Interviewer: Very badly.

Nabil Al-Fadhl: To hell with everything. They used to have security. Okay, two or three people out of every 100 were sent to prison, and nobody knows their whereabouts, but the rest were living in security. They were able to go out for dinner or a night out, and then return home. What is going on today? What did this Arab shit Spring accomplish for Syria and others? It has destroyed it. They have destroyed this good country. What is the alternative? [ISIS] makes Bashar Al-Assad look like an angel. Bashar has never killed someone in the town square, opened up his chest and eaten his heart. Has anyone seen him do that? The others have done that.

We should expose the truth about Mr. Obama. The Americans should see for themselves that he is making fools out of them. He is fooling the world by declaring war against ISIS. For a year and a half now, ISIS has been growing bigger, not smaller. [Alone comes Putin and says:] I will destroy ISIS in three months, and show you that [Obama] was lying to you. He stood alongside ISIS, rather than fighting it. He helped them by refraining from any military action that would wipe them out.


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